Something about Pindi boys…..

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Ever wonder why there’s so much rumpus about “Pindi Boys”? There’s always lots of  hoo-ha when one of them is around you. Or, even if one is not around the mere mention of a Pindi Boy evokes weird glances, uncanny thoughts and ephemeral sentiments which more often than not are bad or sometimes worse. Well like it or not Pindi Boys exist and they’re proud of it. Not that I am one of them, it just happens that I have lived amongst them not for years but decades. The following is an anecdotal account of some of their antics which have earned them the title of Pindi Boys. And so as a disclaimer let me say that this is with no malice or fun aimed at anyone, just light banter which you might find amusing and informative, but not offensive. Enjoy the post…

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The Careem Experience 

Careem has recently launched its services in the Twin Cities of Rawalpindi-Islamabad amidst much fanfare. All roads leading into and out of Islamabad were adorned with banners advertising Careem’s launch. A recent unplanned  shopping spree by my spouse left me pretty much without a ride for a whole day. With colleagues waiting at the dinner table in nearby DHA 2, I was left with limited choices to reach the destination in time, that’s when it Careemed upon me to make use of the already installed (Careem) app in my smartphone.

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On (Not) Finding a House!


House on rent

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In case you’ve been wondering why I haven’t blogged for over two months, well let me please tell you, I have to relocate every two years or so (due to the obtuse nature of my job). And so this time they sent me packing from Karachi to Islamabad, or Isloo as they call it, lovingly, that is. So what is the first thing to do in a new town? Obviously, look for  a house, and that’s exactly what I did. And man was it difficult!

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