Improve throughput by installing a dual band router

So I had this FTTH solution at my home that promised 50 Mbps at all times. On a wired network that maybe possible but on wireless with a simple single band router operating in 2.4 GHz and bandwidth hungry apps, Fortnite, PubG, video streaming, smart TVs, Tablets and smartphones it was becoming difficult to balance things. With Covid, things became worse as online classes are being held at home. So a solution was to be found to this dilemma. I hard wired one smart TV, the PS4 was also hard wired, but then the other TV in another room could not get its share of airwaves. Turned out the 2.4 GHz router was insufficient. So I had another dual band router installed. This thing works in 2.4 as well as 5 GHz bands. It has MIMO antennae that promise optimal performance and auto bandwidth adjustment depending on speed requirement. It also comes with a USB port so You can attach a printer to it. So now the printer is also wireless and can be used from anywhere in the house. The dual band router was fixed on a wall at some height, all things backed by UPS power. Now I can get blazing fast Internet, live video streaming and the TV in the other room is showing much better video quality without jerking.  So if you are getting Internet issues consider investing in a dual band router. Cheers

The Internet, that just won’t work


So we were left stranded at the Jinnah International Airport with nothing to do but kill time. Having had two cups of tea in an hour the next best place to visit was the loo, which I did. The shops laid out in the circular way had me circling them for sometime, looking for something I never needed to buy. And that’s when my eye caught the Free Internet Kiosks!

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PTCL EVO Wingle–User Experience


Hi, just moved in to a new city, Karachi that is! I was pretty disconnected for three days at least. The whole bunch of PTCL wireless devices advertised in a local daily caught my attention. What great timing I thought. So off I went to the local PTCL office in Karachi Saddar, after talking to the helpline. The helpline guy told me EVO Wingle which promises great speed, would cost Rs. 7500, with three months of paid connectivity. But alas, the customer care guy had another story to tell, he asked for Rs. 9000 for the same contraption due to some tax thing which I found hard to understand. The next stop was a local vendor aka PTCL franchisee. These guys sell Wingle at Rs. 2200 a piece with an additional Rs. 1500 for a months service (30 GB limit). Although there’s another plan which gives 75 GB of download data limit for Rs. 2,500 per month.

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