New SRO for Self Import of Weapons by Government Officials

Hello. I have been getting emails and messages regarding the latest situation on the import of weapons. This post is exclusively about the import procedures for Government officers and officials according to the new SRO by the Ministry of Commerce and Textiles. This means all Government, Armed forces officers, Law enforcement agencies etc etc. The SRO 772-1-2018 , published on 19th June 2018 has superseded the previous SRO 1112-1-2014 which was published on 16th Dec 2014 which so now stands repealed.  Just a brief recap on the previous procedure, Government officials had to apply to Ministry of Commerce previously to get an NOC for individual import of weapons, as each officer could import one weapon of non-prohibited from anywhere in the world. Please read this post for detailed information. Now according to the new SRO any individual who is a citizen of Pakistan and a valid license holder can import a non-prohibited weapon of choice.


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How to import a Glock pistol in Pakistan

I have been receiving a lot of comments on how to import a Glock or any other weapon in to Pakistan. Well for starters let me say that all weapon imports were banned in to Pakistan by the previous Government. The ban though has been lifted, still the modalities have not been worked out. So don’t expect any good news. Still Government and Armed Forces personnel can import a weapon of their choice on NOC provided by the Ministry of Commerce. So please read this post in conjunction with the previous one…

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How to Import a Weapon in Pakistan


This post is for  all those people who want to import a weapon using No Objection certificate given by the Ministry of Commerce to the Defence Forces/Government officers. It is not for commercial purposes, but for personal use in self defense or competition shooting. There is a lot of confusion regarding this issue, and most often people end up going to the Arms dealers who misguide them. I have been through it and I am writing this post after going through the whole laborious procedure of importing a weapon. Believe me, it isn’t simple as simple and straight as it sounds. Well actually nothing is our part of the world. You will need to do a lot of running around, patience and will power in this project which will take at least six months to mature. I hope you benefit from my experience…read on…

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