Idris Book Bank, Rawalpindi– Shopping experience


On a recent trip to Rawalpindi I went to Idris Book Bank to buy some school books for my daughter. The school books section is located on first floor. I proceeded there and asked the salesman for the required books. He handed me the books and off I went to the counter. The clerk handed me a receipt and told me to collect the books from main counter on ground floor (after making the payment there). I expected someone from the shop to escort me downstairs with a bag full of books to the payment counter. But, instead he placed the contents in a box and pressed a button. The box started its slow descent to the ground floor. It was in fact a small conveyer belt system which they have installed between the ground and first floor counters.  I hurried to downstairs to find the books ready at the counter. Deftly, I made the payment and was handed over the books nicely packed. I was really impressed with their efficiency and service. This is the first time I have seen someone making use to technology to increase efficiency.