Gun related humor

Hi. I got the Covid vaccine few days ago. It was the Chinese Sinopharm. But I found this news in the Tribune really funny. Made me chuckle! Cheers

Something about Pashto expletives


Pashto expletives

Disclaimer: This post is in no way meant to defame or slander race, it is just a few lines written in a lighter mood and are to be taken as such. If you feel offended I apologize for that in advance.

That piece I wrote about Punjabi expletives was by chance, this one is intentional, considering the feedback I have received. I have lived amongst Pathans most of my life and some of my best friends ate Pathans. I know their language “quite well” and as is wont to happen in such cases the expletives and swear words come gratis, and hence I know them very well too Smile  I can tell you guys that Pashto swear words are meant to operate at a different level, quite often depending on the situation, mood and the level of comfort or discomfort the people have amongst them (while using them). There are words that in a friendly jest would be laughed off or completely ignored, then there are words that will target the opponent and will hit very hard and off course then there’s a special colored language that will particularly target the men and it has to be his “derriere”. That I have seen and heard as it is totally unavoidable be it amongst friends or enemies.

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The wily revenge


There are times in one’s life when you just can’t take it anymore. It can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Down where I live the rules are made by my snuggler. The ones I make are but ignored, made to be broken and disregarded. Its that simple. Try as I may, no amount of lamentations, remonstrations or protests work. Let me un-complicate it further. I can’t even choose to keep my belongings where I want them to be. Because if I do, they normally disappear resulting in my acting like Sherlock Holmes looking for them in every nook and corner, without much luck.

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