Some observations about Hayatabad, Peshawar


I have been living in this upscale locality of Peshawar for the last two years. It has been planned and designed by Peshawar Development Authority (PDA). Hayatabad has seven phases in all with a number of sectors in each. There are schools, colleges, universities, Public as well as private hospitals, CNG pumps, markets, parks, greenery and good medaled roads.

If you want to see beautiful houses, this is the place to visit. You can find huge palatial houses based on modern architecture. Its really impressive. But I have a number of very valid observations which I am sure if addressed can make it an even better place to live for those living here.

  • There are no playing grounds! In the evening you can see boys of all ages playing Cricket on the roads. Besides looking bad it is also dangerous.
  • There is just one Restaurant (Spring Rose) in Yousafzai market in all of Hayatabad. Come on guys you can do better. Why do I have to go to University road for a good dinner? There are two or three Pizza cafes that deliver at home though.
  • The markets are a huge mess. If you go to one you will be dismayed. I have found heaps of stinking trash right next to a Pizza joint in Yousafzai market. And guess what not one was bothered about it, not even the owner who was busy selling Pizzas and burgers.
  • There is no quality control over food items being sold here, be it bread, nan, fruit or anything.
  • There is no check over the price of goods being sold here.
  • There are is no Traffic police deputed in Hayatabad. I have people over speeding, I have seen people going from the wrong side of road and I have seen blatant disregard for traffic rules.
  • The PDA building has but one good shop and a small bakery, the rest of the market is occupied by Property Dealers. You want to buy an underwear for instance well you buy it from the same Wadudsons or you go to the University Road or even Saddar.
  • The price of property has sky rocketed in recent years because lots of people from FATA have migrated here.

I am sure PDA and the management can do much better but not sure what’s stopping them?

The hole in the wall


The boundary of Hayatabad is marked by high walls, at least 6 feet on most if not all sides. Just adjacent to Phase 2 is the Ring Road which happens to be another locality. It is a place where businesses are thriving and growing. One can find very good places to eat, get your car repaired for there are umpteen mechanics, shopping places and all. Off course, there are also small housing societies unevenly distributed in the area.

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