A Charsi thing!


Timmy said, “pass me the J” and I complied. We was listening to Alisha’s “Lover girl” on full blast, the six of us on a cold winter afternoon huddled together under a comforter. The rule was simple, no letting out of the heavenly smoke. You smoke under the comforter, you breathe under it, you talk under it, you laugh under it and you let the smoke fill your lungs. The newer ones, got stoned after a few puffs, the seasoned ones let the smoke sink in with the music playing. I could feel the beats in my head, now. It was awesome. That’s when Sania walked in on us. She seemed to be coming from a naked romp. All messed up. We came to know only when she had changed the music to a “Badtameez Dil”. Damn! the rhythm was broken. She didn’t like old music at all. Before we knew she was in the league, under the comforter, smoking her lungs out. Amer, was by now stoned, laughing uncontrollably. He even teased Sania a little. The dame simply ignored him.

The “J” was almost finished, that’s when I lighted a new one. We were now on to our third toke. This was strictly a no booze weekend. All you can smoke kind of thing. It gave me intense pleasure watching these bimbos getting stoned. The next song up was “Sunn Raha Hai”. By the time it was mid-way Sani as we called her was out of the blanket and moving in rhythmic circles. The slender curves were a little too much to ignore. I followed her moves with my eyes, while the rest of the pack dug deep under the blanket lost in exhausting out the lonely toke. Sani’s eyes met my eyes for a moment and we exchanged lusty smiles. I knew she was on. All the encouragement I needed was there for me. We hugged each other tightly. Both of us, shedding tears on each-other’s shoulders. In between stolen kisses and passionate sobs she told me her BF had dumped her. I told her my story and we wept like kids. With “Ishq Wala Love” playing we made out.

The hangover was really bad when I woke up. She was gone, just a small note scribbled on my pillow saying, “Love you more than the weed.” I lighted a cig and kissed her in my thoughts. The boys were all gone, it was a crazy grass, weed, hash week end.

Written for my friend Muhammad Raza, on his coaxing 🙂