Espresso Lounge Peshawar, revisited


In a previous post I reviewed Espresso Lounge (Peshawar). I revisited the place few days back for some good food and off course good time. But I was  dismayed. This post is not meant to hurt anyone’s business in anyway. I would implore the Espresso guys to think positive after reading this post.

Here’s what went wrong.

  • A serving of salad did not have Iceberg lettuce, instead the raw one was used.
  • The kids ordered Pepsi and some shake, which was not served yet included in the bill. On insistence the bill wasn’t changed.
  • The lamb chops were not well done.
  • Had to ask for still water thrice to get it on my table.
  • They still haven’t got the Card payment account, so you pay in cash.

I think the quality of service has gone down, considerably, so has the quality of food. I was told by one of my friends that it is a norm here for new restaurants to hire good chefs and staff on a new launch, and fire them after a month or so. I sternly refused to believe this.

I will visit the place one more time and if they still haven’t improved, it will be curtains for them, as far as I am concerned. Please restore the lost standards, it pains me to see my hard earned money going down the drain. Best wishes.