Rust proof your guns by duracoating them

Duracoated CZ 75 B, in Federal Dark Earth.

Duracoat is not just about looks or spending that extra money on an already (heavily) accessorized dream weapon, sporting a competition hammer, cocobo wooden grips or  a tinkered trigger. A deliberate lamentation by the loner will quell some doubts and then some more. Be it known that rust is the number enemy when it comes to weapons, mainly guns. And this can happen to maintained guns as well. And so I went through this ordeal a few years ago, that led to me explore other ways and means.

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Dura-coating my Makarov


Makarov Duracoat (1)

The Makarov in this pic has been my loyal companion for about five years. It has seen most parts of the country that I have visited in last five years. Its absolutely reliable and accurate weapon, besides it gives the great advantage of concealability and with a 12 shot mag it gives one gets 4 rounds per mag advantage over the old 8 shot Makarov. The handgun has de-cocker as well as safety and is SA/DA as discussed here.

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