Using Silica Gel to keep weapons safe from moisture

All weapons are prone to rust. The risk increases with the increase in moisture specially during monsoons. I have kept my guns in a custom designed safe, but the threat from moisture remains, always. So to reduce moisture I use Silica Gel which is a desiccant. Desiccant is a substance that sucks up the moisture and helps in drying the environment. I came to know about it in my early professional military life when we used to keep our equipment safe by using Silica Gel. The gel was taken out according to a set schedule and kept in the sun for drying. After which it was again placed again close to the equipment. So I bought around 2 Kgs of it and placed in plastic containers. I made small holes in the containers so that the air flow could be facilitated. These containers were then placed in the gun cabinet. Now I know my guns are safe from moisture and hence rust. It is also a good idea to keep some desiccant close to the ammo, or in an ammo box. Silica Gel desiccant is quite inexpensive and easily available online. Do make use of it if you want t o keep your guns safe form moisture. Cheers

Caution: Silica Gel is a poison, so has to be kept away from reach of children. The small sachets carry a warning, “Do Not Eat”.

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