CZ 75B Compact (Stainless Steel) Handgun- Short Review


CZ 75B Compact in stainless steel is a very good handgun. It is a small sized pistol with performance characteristics of full framed handguns. The pistol is sheer beauty and a treat to shoot. I have owned a CZ 75 P07 Duty and CZ 75 B at one time or another but the CZ 75B Compact I have found to be much better than both these handguns. It is an excellent choice for conceal carry (CCW).

CZ75 B- Short Review


CZ 75 B is a steel frame pistol. It has a comfortable grip, three-dot illuminating sight system, SA/DA trigger and manual safety. The “B” in the CZ75 B stands for firing pin block safety. The CZ75 B is a full frame pistol available in 9 mm, 9 x 21 and .40 S&W. It is semi-auto pistol based on the locked breech principle. The pistol being reviewed is 9 x 19 mm.

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