A primer on Radio Signals and Health


World over the mobile phone use is increasing with each passing day. According to the ITU there are over 6 billion mobile phone connections all over the world and the number of users is more than 3 billion. There is little doubt that in coming years these numbers are going to increase.  As newer technologies like 4G are introduced and as the world prepares itself for 5G even more mobile sites and devices will be introduced since the IoT (Internet of Things) will require more connections with each device talking to another. More devices, more coverage, more services and this will ultimately mean more radio signals in the air. A much misunderstood issue related to the growth of mobile phones is that of radio signals and their effects on human health.

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I quit smoking today

Yes, I did that today, I quit smoking for good. I kicked that butt for good. I am not going to smoke anymore. It was epiphany I guess that led me to it. I have given up smoking a dozen or more times in the past three years. But I just could not give it up. But you know, the good thing is that I did not give up on giving up. So I decided to blog about it. I didn’t mind the money spent on smoking, I didn’t mind ruining my health nor the smell of it. It was a few encouraging words from a nice friend that led me to quit smoking. But now I am happy, I will not waste anymore money, I won’t smell as bad as an ashtray and I won’t suffer from lung diseases. If you are reading this and you are a smoker please consider giving it up. It simply isn’t worth it. You will live longer, you will be healthy and you die happy. Here’s a photo of the crumpled cigarette pack that I threw in the dust bin early morning, today. Best wishes.