Boresnake – The best way to clean your weapon


A boresnake is the easiest and fastest way to clean your weapon, whether it is a pistol, revolver, rifle or a shotgun. In its simplest form a boresnake is a long string like a shoe lace with a metal weight at one end. The string is sewn in to a cleaning cloth of diameter commensurate to the bore of the weapon. It also has brass wire attached to the middle to remove gunpowder or solvents form the bore. And finally one can also attach cleaning cloth to the other end of the boresnake to make it a pull through. I always carry a boresnake and WD-40 in my bag when going to the range. So after a range session I simply spray WD-40 in to the barrel and run the boresnake from chamber end to the muzzle end two to three times. Later one can disassemble his weapon at home for a thorough cleaning session. Bore snakes are available for all calibers from .22 to 12 GA.