The Beggar Brigade

If you travel the same route to office, five days a week, for almost three years, you tend to notice a lot of things. Things that otherwise may not be of much consequence, or might not appear to be important to you, but since we’re humans and wont to observe, feel and act, so this is what we do. There is for instance a certain deliberate inability in our drivers to not let the people on the road sides cross the road, irrespective of the fact that there is or isn’t a zebra crossing, a red light or an overhead bridge for the pedestrians. That urge to let the bystanders pass is almost non-existent. There is the greatest of race going on to jump the red light, utter confusion, overtaking from the wrong side etc etc. But that’s not what this post is about today. Today’s ramble is about the beggar brigade which has taken over the city roads and chowks by the destitute (presumably) who come in all shapes, sizes and sexes to say the least.

And so it happens that now I have come to identify almost all of them urchins that I see on my daily commute, come sunshine, rain or anything.

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