The BBW loving solicitor


My friend “The Solicitor” has a thing for BBWs. This, he divulged to me when we met for dinner a few days back. The witty lawyer with placid personality and a telling looks could easily pass as a banker. This I forgot to tell him 🙂  A few blog posts, he has dedicated to BBWs. In between texts there’s always a line or two describing his infatuation for them. And off course I believe he takes a lot of time musing over them. Nothing wrong in that. I was afraid to ask him why he likes BBWs, for fear of offending him. But, in between saltish tasty Chicken Malai Tikka the wily solicitor told me “they are very good natured”, or something like that. And I asked him sheepishly, “why?” The conversation lingered for sometime around the subject. That’s when he explained me some fine things about them.

When I got home and hit the bed, I conjured up images of BBWs in my thoughts. They ranged from just innocent gossip to the unprintable. That’s when I realized I had never had a BBW in my life! Duh! Time to get one I guess? Well lets hope I get one, then I may be able to understand what the “modest solicitor” means after all. 🙂