Defining the “Principles of Mobile Privacy”

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Two events back to back in a span of one week forced me think to think about my priorities and actions as far as my online privacy is concerned. With Mobile and Internet becoming synonymous the issue of Mobile Privacy is exacerbated and difficult to quantify, define and solve in one go. A small travelogue written and posted on a Blog by me got replicated on another Blog; in a matter of two days, but this time with a picture of me. On closer inspection I found it (my pic) to have been copied from my Facebook!!! How on Earth did the man find my Facebook and copied the pic? Obviously using my email he hunted me on the most popular social medium and using the pic posted on the Blog matched it with my profile pic on FB. Next thing, I get an email from a European country asking me questions which only I can answer, regarding my company’s role on some technical issues. Two days later the guy calls me up on my cell phone all the way from Germany asking me same questions. On my insistence he informs me that his company has a database of important persons with details about their job nature, email and cell numbers!!! Truth be told, I am flabbergasted. The bottom line is; guarding one’s privacy in the online world is impossible.

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