Tula, .222 ammo lands in Pakistan

Tula 5.45×39 ammo also called the, .222 has landed in Pakistan. This is kind of rare ammo. It was selling for Rs 350 a pop I’m talking about military surplus ammo. This however is fresh lot and is priced at Rs 230 a pop. Well that’s good news for gun enthusiasts. ๐Ÿ˜€

Tula 5.45×39 aka..222 ammo

Ban on Commercial Import of Weapons Lifted in Pakistan

Hi there. So the news is that Government of Pakistan has lifted ban imposed by the previous Government on Commercial import of weapons and ammo. This comes at a time when the country was in a dire need of this move. The ban that was imposed by the PML(N) government resulted in huge losses to the investors. Actually all the weapons that had already been ordered by the importers were held by Customs since the ban. The Ministry of Commerce and Textiles wrote to the Customs authorities to deal with the issue on “case to case basis”.ย  That was very typical of an incompetent bureaucracy which gave this decision in order to absolve themselves of the issue. The Customs on the other hand refused to give way to the importers/investors. As a result of this millions of Rupees worth of weapons and ammo was held up. This resulted in imposition of heavy demurrage charges on the goods. Finally the importers had to go to courts. It took excruciatingly long time for the courts to give verdict in favor of the importers, so as to save them from huge losses. Now the investors have had to pump in more money by paying customs duties and demurrage charges. And the goods will be available in the market but at a higher price, because the investors have had to pay additional money as well as to cover their losses. Anyhow, the new import orders have been placed, and are being placed, so there’s good news coming. I am hopeful the prices will slightly fall, which is required as the supply will resume. So for now gun enthusiasts are sitting fingers crossed. ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers


Zol 9 mm Ammo – Made in Pakistan

The prices of 9 mm ammo have gone skywards, since the ban. Chinese ammo is Rs 120 a pop and Czech Selleir and Bellot is like 180 plus. So in these desolate times, Pakistani ammo has started appearing in the markets. In fact Pakistani ammo has been around since ages, but I would say its quality has improved, well somewhat. There is just one brand which can be called reliable, POF, Pakistan Ordnance Factories have been making 9 mm ammo. There have been quality issues in their ammo but still it is a better brand. Zol is a relatively new ammo in the 9 mm category. When we talk of ammo being made in Darra and Peshawar, basically they don’t make casings, in fact they get used casings, seat the desi primers and fix the projectile. I had actually never used desi or Pakistani ammo, frankly because I never considered it safe. However, after the furore on the Internet, I got a few boxes just to try them out. Well let’s say for practice. If you can get ammo in Rs 20 to 30 a pop nowadays which is safe to shoot then its not a bad deal. But off course it comes with hiccups. Like for instance desi ammo has been found to be corrosive, chiefly because of the primers. And desi ammo is filled to the brim, makes a big bang and I believe not safe. Zol however, has some positive reviews. So then I got myself some Zol and decided to try it out. Let me please say form the onset that this is not an exhaustive review of Zol ammo, neither is it to check the accuracy of this ammo. Well I intend doing that later. This is a just a brief introduction to the ammo produced by Zol. In some little way yes I will comment on the reliability of this ammo. Although 100 rounds is far too less to gauge reliability in its true sense, or to draw conclusions. But it might give an idea or help form an opinion.

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