Hate graffiti in Peshawar

It’s at a very busy intersection of the city that I found these two very clear wall chalkings. This is strong language if you know what I mean. Someone had vented out his anti- American feelings on a very beautiful wall with equally impressive foreground. Not only has he destroyed the look of this wall but also let himself down by using such profane language, at least that’s what I think. I pass through this place daily and it’s been here since last two months. Surprisingly no one has tried to clean it. Funny thing is that the American consulate is about 300 Meters from this place. I think this had been done intentionally so that people in the consulate get this message, loud and clear. And off course the rest of the city gets this message for free as well.



Ostensibly I think it’s the other way around. 🙂

On making snuff in Peshawar

That wad of tobacco, that gives the men a high, that smells so weird, that looks dark green, that men love, that women hate (mostly), that they put between the teeth and cheek, that tastes uncanny, that costs so cheap, that they make by adding tobacco, oil and lime, that they grind and beat, that is what I want to tell you about today 🙂

I saw this little boy with all his contraption near my house, well sort of his factory for making snuff. He could not have been more than 15 but he is making a living selling snuff. He makes Rs. 350 to 400 a day. He is obviously uneducated, but very openhearted. I bought a wad from him, (hell no I don’t do snuff) for Rs. 10. He refused to be paid. Ameer Khan is a hard working Pakistani. He is a rare example of a people beset by options ranging from making a living be it selling snuff to taking up arms against the state. He is honorable, he is decent, and he is supporting his family. I wish I could do more for the likes of them. At least I can write about him. That, is cool.


Ameer Khan’s contraption for making snuff.


The wad I bought from him.

How to cure athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot is a common disease which happens because of a fungus. Normally it hits the place between fingers of one’s feet. The skin develops rashes and if not taken care of, it becomes very painful. If you have this ailment pour four tea spoons of black tea in a pan and boil it for ten minutes. Soak your feet in it for 15 minutes after it has cooled.  Do this twice a day for 3 to 4 days. Dry your feet after each procedure and put powder between your fingers. To prevent recurrence, dry your feet after washing, put powder between fingers and wear clean socks. Hope you find this post useful.


Road Poetry I

My friend Raza sent me this pic quite a while back. It amply shows the emotions this truck driver has. The couplet when translated comes to something like this, “life with thy lover, death with faith”. The guy wants to have the best of both worlds. He wants his beloved in this life and God’s will in the next. 🙂


Rickshaw with Pakistan Railways seat covers.

It was late evening. I wanted to go to Saddar. My car was at the workshop. I waived, the rickshaw stopped and I hopped in. When it stopped at the red light light from street lamp seeped in and it was then that I realized the rickshaw seats were covered with green leather. A closer inspection revealed the words PR. The very seat covers used by Pakistan Railways. Don’t know where he got them from but it looked decent. Anyways our railway is already dead, but who cares.



Choosing the right Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). A Low Down

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a standby power arrangement system. UPS can be used for providing backup power to any electrical equipment, but mostly they are used as a standby power arrangement for PCs. In places where power outages are frequent and supply is not guaranteed UPS can also be used for running electrical equipment like fans, lights, TV sets etc. A UPS is also used in medical and telecommunication equipment or places in the industry where power outages can result in loss of life or can cause financial losses. A UPS comprises of battery system which stores electric charge. It also has a charging system to charge these batteries and means of converting the stored Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC). Modern UPS are intelligent devices and can manage the charging system, that is they shut off the electric power to the batteries when they are fully charged and turn off the UPS when the batteries are close to being discharged completely, thus preventing permanent damage to the batteries.

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Protecting Children in Cyberspace

Two years back Pakistan Telecommunication Authority held a competition on ITU’s theme for 2009, “Protecting Children in Cyberspace”. Yours faithfully also participated and luckily won the first prize! The article itself is pasted below for you to read and enjoy. Best wishes :-)

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