The first time I saw someone get shot

The year was 1988. I was at that time a student of second year FSc in FG Sir Syed College Rawalpindi. Democracy had been restored just two years ago after the death of President Zia. People’s party was in power and the then Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto had given permission to student political parties to resume their activities. There was PSF (People’s Student Federation), there was MSF (Muslim Students Federation) and there was Jamiyat. Different parties had hold in different colleges. At one place it was PSF and at another MSF and yet another it was the Jamiyat. There wasn’t a day in college that anyone of them didn’t quarrel over something. In plain words it was pure bullshit. But the students mostly loved it, it gave them a chance to stay away from studies by providing cheap pathetic entertainment.

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CZ 550 Varmint, Rifle Review

The CZ 550 Varmint is a big bore world class hunting rifle with superb accuracy. CZ is known to make quality weapons and this one is a class apart. The rifle being reviewed is chambered in .308 Winchester. It has a walnut wooden stock, no iron sights, a bull barrel, single stage trigger and checkering in the front end as well as the pistol grip. I have seen a light hunting rifle called the Lux, also chambered in .308 Win, but this one is really a showstopper.

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Remembering Amie Ji (An eulogy)

My mother died last month leaving us all saddened and crying. It happened so fast and suddenly that I still can’t believe she’s left us. My father died when I was just 18, since then my mother, or “Amie Ji” as we used to call her has been my mother and father. She took it upon herself to provide for us and make us siblings what we are today. As I look back at all those years I admire her and praise her on her will, strength, and the love she showered on us all.

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And Pakistan Is Born, 14 August 1947

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The Human Lens


The Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation, popularly called Radio Pakistan came into being as Pakistan Broadcasting Service on 14 August 1947 when Pakistan emerged on the world map as a new country.

The independence of Pakistan was announced through Radio Pakistan on Aug 13, 1947 at 11:59 pm in Urdu, followed by a similar announcement in English, Pushto and other languages. The Pakistani radio presenter Mustafa Ali Hamdani (1909–1980) made the Urdu announcement in the following words:

!السلام علیکم
پاکستان براڈ کاسٹنگ سروس۔ ہم لاہور سے بول رہے ہیں۔ تیرہ اور چودہ اگست، سنہ سینتالیس عیسوی کی درمیانی رات۔ بارہ بجے ہیں۔ طلوع صبح آزادی۔

The English translation of this announcement is as follows:


Pakistan Broadcasting Service. We are speaking from Lahore. The night between the thirteen and fourteen of August, year forty-seven. It is twelve o’clock. Dawn of Freedom.

Once again, as the midnight strikes, lets unite and work hard…

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Happy 68th Independence Day


Hello everyone. I have been snapping pics of the  National Standard on my way to the office, on my way back, while going to the market, to dine someplace, for the Independence Day. This is my way of saying Happy 68th Independence Day to all of you. You will realize it takes a certain amount of skill to drive your car with one hand and snap a pic of the intended object with the other. It’s not that easy, but really it’s a lot of fun.

Eulogy: Mr. Gul Khan Yousafzai

Gul Khan sb - Copy

As the usual round of Patta Tikka, followed by Chicken Tikka other goodies including those tastiest of pastries finished I hit a desolate corner to enjoy my cup of tea. That’s when I saw a familiar face I had seen some 29 years back, neatly attired in a business suit, smiling and with a cup of tea in his hand. A flashback took me to the era when we used to see him with a hoe or a spade in his hands busy tilling the soil, while we went for games. The man would be covered in sweat from head to toes and quite often my not so adolescent mind would be perturbed as to why was he so much in to gardening. This is the Gul Khan sb I remember.

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On loosing a cellphone, the easy way


A new cellphone is a joy to have, at least till the time you get tired of it, which normally happens within six months. So I decided to change my old Android running gadget for a new Android running gizmo. The choices were plenty in fact a little more than plenty, enough to confuse a grown up man with greying hair. The prices varied form a few thousand to almost many thousand. The specs would confuse NASA, and the looks would entice even the introvert and make him feel like an extrovert, but for a little while. Wallet loaded with cash, credit cards lined up in order and with a cellphone in mind I went to a huge store that specializes in confusing people with its variety of cellphones on display. The eyes were trained for looks, the heart on a looker and the mind on saving some dough. Lo and Behold I settled for a mid category (a term used by the salesgirl) Android that could, she told me, do almost anything!  That alone stirred up my imagination more than anything else ever did!

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