The Hummingbird’s nest

A couple of weeks back I saw a strange mess of loose grass hanging with a telephone wire, right outside my bedroom window. On closer inspection, I found it to be a Hummingbird’s nest, in the making. I spent a couple of minutes observing the tiny creature busy in constructing the nest. The nest itself was made of loose grass, pieces of thread and mango bugs!! There was only one way of photographing the bird, and that was by placing the camera lens on the wire gauze (meant for fly-proofing the house). A normal camera wouldn’t do the job so out came my Android smartphone. In order to make the shots I had to align the lens in one of the wire gauze openings at a very acute angle, then enable the flash and finally I was able to photograph the bird and its nest. (There was no other way I could do it, as it would disturb the bird).

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Why there is acute shortage of electricity in Pakistan

For the last few years there has been a severe shortage of electricity in Pakistan. For those living in Pakistan this is nothing new, but to the rest of world it is not easy to comprehend this. Living in the 21st century our lives have become so much dependent on electricity that it is not possible to survive without it now. There are a number of reasons why there is acute shortage of electricity in Pakistan.

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On loosing a dear and near one

We humans are mortals. We are born, we live, eat, grow, work, and then die. It is but natural. We know we will die but somehow we prefer to ignore this reality.  It is only after we loose a near and dear one that we realize that death is so much a reality. And that there is no escaping it. It is just a matter of time when I and you will be no more. And that people will remember us they way we remember or mention those who have passed away before our very eyes. We are mortals yet we refuse to believe that we are.

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