List of Countries that export small arms to Pakistan

Hi. I’ve compiled a list of countries that export or at least are willing to export weapons to Pakistan. And I don’t mean weapons for the military I mean small arms for anyone.

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Is this the first ever P80 Glock in Pakistan?

Hi! So I got a chance to see this P80 based Glock 19 which might be the first ever P80 based Glock in Pakistan. Or maybe the first ever I have seen. For starters let me say, it is a mean looking machine, no doubts about it. The owner has taken lots of efforts in acquiring the parts and then putting them together. Sure enough Glocks have a cult status in Pakistan. People will like to own one, no matter what, those that can afford will got for an original, the lesser privileged ones will get a Desi Plock! Then there’s the more enthusiastic ones that will go to great lengths in collecting parts and putting one together.


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Rifles… Are they male or female?

What the … ? I guess you must be wondering what this article is all about. I have been pondering on this issue since long, in fact much longer than I can remember and somehow I think my lamentations aren’t off the mark. They make sense to me, I am and able bodied and able minded male and hence I guess most of my reasoning and logic is fair. But before I begin let me say a few words about the motivation behind this rather risqué topic.

When I was young, I mean in my teens, ogling at girls was something that came naturally to me. And I practiced it more than anything, to ogle without the subject being aware was a pure pleasure. As age waned and the child in me turned in to a man, the single sense of sight no longer sufficed and all five senses were put to good use. My marriage certainly blew a death blow to all this. Now in the Middle Ages guns, rifles, air guns infatuate me more than anything else. And the presumption leads me to believe the fact that there are many things that a woman and a rifle have in common and hence rifles are FEMALE. I believe this logic makes a lot of sense. Believe me my lamentations aren’t unfounded, as soon you shall see. So what is it that leads me to believe that rifles are female and not male? Read on guys….


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Zigana PX9 – some thoughts

The Tisas Zigana PX9 arrived few weeks ago. It is a polymer frame, striker fired, 9 mm pistol. Zigana has been known to make good quality pistols, in a budget. Sadly the previous models were copied by the Darra and Kohat road weapons manufacturers. There was one particular model with select fire option that became very popular. I have seen gun makers putting them together, firing them in full auto and showing them off.  I guess with the shape change it will take them quite sometime to copy the new model.

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A few days ago I blogged about CF98 price coming down to Rs 70 to 80k. Just two days ago I got word that CF98 is selling from Rs 50 to 60k. That is really some price drop! But from what I have heard the pistols are still not selling. The reason I have been told is that a huge lot of them was held up at the port because of some reason. The packing had deterriorated, some of the handguns had rusted, and were in pretty bad shape. Anyways they say pistols were cleared after many years, they were reblued, in some cases renumbered and repacked. They also say news has a way of getting around, so people got wind of it. Sales dropped and here we are today. These are rumors.

But the actual story is that around 4000 pistols landed in Pakistan. The market did not have that much capacity. Prices dropped. There were lots of rumors in between. But just today I got word the price has again shot back to 70k.

I want to thank SZ for pointing out this fact. He commented and I had to make lots of calls to get to the truth. Many thanks sir. Your comment is valuable. The post has this been updated. I apologize if this has caused inconvenience to anyone.

But really there’s a lot of people who still believe in the rumors.

Makarov 12 shot , 2020 model arrives

Saw this 2020 model Makarov, 12 shot pistol, by Baikal, MP442 (Russian). It is 9 x 18 Makarov, with two 12 round magazines. The 20 preceding its serial number denotes the year of manufacture. It is a decent pistol, reliable , accurate and small size, minus the slightly thick grip. It has a special magazine that has two springs, a smaller upper magazine for the single rounds and it gets wider after that (towards the base)  so has another spring for the double stack rounds. Also has a safety/decocker and firing pin block etc. I have used this particular brand for 5 years without a hiccup. Presently selling for Rs 110 to 130k. It is a good concealed carry choice, plus the ammo is very cheap. A very good choice for SD/CC.


Makarov copy, Pakistan made

There’s nothing very fascinating about a pistol being copied. To me its like duping people. In fact it is very much like that. So when a friend showed me this Makarov, I chided him for getting it blued fresh and devaluing it considerably. That is when he told me it was a local copy, I will prefer to call it a “Pakarov” 🙂 I have seen desi Makarovs, they were nothing impressive to speak about, and about performance nothing could be said. However, now that CNC machines are being used en masse and craftsmen have learned how to copy any pistol, a Makarov was natural, considering its demand in recent years. In fact it will not be incorrect to say that Makarov was and has always been an underrated pistol in Pakistan. It was regarded just another military surplus pistol by almost everyone. But then when imports were banned five years ago, people looked for alternative options. A military surplus Makarov, sounded perfect. That is when the local industry started copying them using CNC machines. So here’s the review or a comparison of the desi and an original Makarov.

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Canik TP9 Elite Subcompact – review


Got to take a closer look at the Canik TP9 Elite Sub-compact few days back. These guns have hit our shores quite recently, one of the first imports here. Canik has been known to make good quality weapons. The Canik TP9 has an impressive line up, but the gun being reviewed is the sub-compact 9 mm. Before the detailed review let me please say that this handgun gets full marks as far as looks are concerned.

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Sarsilmaz CM9- short review

The Sarsilmaz CM9 is a short recoil operated locked breech semi-automatic compact Turkish 9 mm pistol. It has Polymer frame and Forged steel barrel and slide. It comes with adjustable rear sights, the front sight is fixed. The pistol has manual safety with firing pin block. Front rails under the barrel allow accessories like the flashlight to be added. Here the short review:


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