Baburnama, Journal of Emperor Babur

Baburnama: Journal of Emperor Babur Translated by Annette Susannah Beveridge, (from Chaghtai Turkish) Abrdiged/Edited by Dilip Hero Penguin Books Review: You actually cannot review a treatise written by a King of the likes of Zaheer ud din Baber 🙂 You can just scribble a little about it. The original document translated by Annette Susannah is […]

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Walther TPH .25 ACP

If anything these impulsive purchases promise to burn a hole in the pockets of gun enthusiasts. The Walther TPH in .25 ACP is another one of my favorite pocket pistols. Small, light weight, reliable and accurate, what more can one ask for. Although there is a huge debate on the effectiveness of the .25 ACP, […]

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