DSA TRUSHOT video review


Hi there. Here’s a video review of the DSA TRUSHOT pistol chambered in 9×19 mm. Let me know how you find it. Cheers

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6 thoughts on “DSA TRUSHOT video review”

  1. Hi Sir
    I really appreciate your enthusiasm & knowledge abt guns. Daudsons are also producing Trushot 7.62×25 (30 bore) what do u think its a reliable option in 30 bore caliber?
    Secondly which brand ammo u recommend for 30 bore..?
    I hv all Pakistan 30 bore license, i want to buy some reliable gun in this caliber…

  2. Hi Sir,
    I really appreciate your enthusiasm and knowledge about guns. your videos also very decent with
    DSA is also producing Trushot in 7.62×25 (30 Bore), what do you think its a reliable option?
    I have all pakistan 30 bore license and i want to buy quality weapon with good accuracy…
    Your guidance will be highly appreciated.

    1. I haven’t seen or fired it. I’ve only seen its photos. Sadly very few options in 30 bore are available. Chinese or Serbian TT, Chinese PX3. Or DSA TRUSHOT.

      1. Thank you for your response Sir. Probably PX3 is the best option as of now.
        Can you recommend any trustable dealer for PX3?

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