List of Pistols currently available in Pakistan

HS9 sub compact

Hello there. So I decided to do a round up of all the pistols that have been imported so far and are available for sale in Pakistan. These are in no partocular order, since I have written about these so I will only share their photos and small brief about the price.

My personal favorite the HS9 sub compact selling for around Rs 220k
Canik TP9 DA, 18 rounds, Rs 150k
Stoeger STR9C, Rs 160k
Zigana PX9, Rs 130k
Taurus G3C, Rs 180k
Canik TP9 sub compact Elite, Rs 130k
CF98, Rs 65 to 75k
POF X, Beretta 92FS copy, Rs 110k

The prices are approximate and keep on changing with time and demand/suppy situation. A few more new pistols will arrive, which I will add to the list. All these pistols are in the 9 mm category.

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12 thoughts on “List of Pistols currently available in Pakistan”

  1. Can you also share what is the ammo situation in the markets?

    Have the rates dropped a few feet, at least, from stratospheric levels of recent past? 🙂


    1. I’ve heard 9 mm is landing soon. Some sources say it has landed but then why isn’t it available in the market?
      Rates will never be like they were before the ban. But I would be happy if Turkish handguns sell in around Rs 100k range.


  2. Firstly thanks to your guidance i got a CF98 as my first handgun. And yes got it for 75K in pindi so your prices are kinda on the spot. Got Chinese Bullets from same manufacturer of CF98 @ 150 a piece. Am told they are better than what we make 😦
    Lastly you have to make a “contact me” page so we can msg you reach you… for example wanted to know your opinion about dry firing but this is not the right forum but no place to reach you 🙂
    Some folks say its good to do dry firing to build proper muscle memory etc. some say not… what do you think? 🙂


    1. Congratulations on getting the CF98. It is a good pistol, I remember getting my first CF98 in 2101 for Rs 28k 🙂 Chinese bullets are good, I have heard more are coming so prices will drop.
      Thanks for the advice on Contact Me page, I did add one, but I got so much spam that I had to turn it off. I am still trying to figure it out. I think it has something to do with the plugin.
      Dry firing is ok, just be sure that the weapon is clear and has no rounds, VERY VERY IMPORTANT!!! Also I will suggest fire 300 to 500 rounds for the gun to break in, it will become smooth, you will get trained, you will get to know it better, the trigger will become smooth. So many things, trust me it is worth the investment! 🙂 Cheers


      1. Hi, I have added a Contact Me widget on the sidebar. Last time I got lots of spam, I hope this time the Captcha will take care of it. Cheers
        P.S. Thanks for the nice suggestions 🙂


  3. Firstly, Yours is the only blog I actually follow 🙂

    Secondly why is there this misconception that dry firings is bad? I am asking because i want to definitely improve my tigger handling and grip but dont want to destroy it due to dry firing

    Thirdly looking forward to your next video

    Lastly thanks for always taking time to reply… that is why i enjoy your blog 🙂


    1. Hello my friend. Many thanks for liking the stuff.
      Dry firing does help a little, it makes the parts move and hence might make them smooth, it will also improve the trigger and help you improve your firing. Please remember in pistol shooting specially 90% accuracy is trigger control, that’s my personal view, although I am not match grade stuff, I am just ok 🙂
      One a side note I am old school and prefer firing a handgun with live ammo, that’s the real stuff. Dry firing is like simulator, live ammo is like driving on a real road.
      About the video, well thanks I will work on it.


  4. I’m interested in slim and smallest pistol in Reasonable Price. Is there anybody who can favour me to find out donw yeah
    something good reliable, trustable ,Reasonable price as well.


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