HS9 Sub Compact G2 video review

HS9 Sub Compact G2 pistol

Hi. I made a video review of this pistol. This is my first time so please bear with me. 😀 Cheers

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11 thoughts on “HS9 Sub Compact G2 video review”

  1. Very well summed up. BTW I am impressed by your quick shooting. 👍🏽 No pun intended. Looking forward for more reviews.

  2. Nice video. Small bits of advice.
    1) watermark the video, its your content and wont be right if someone uses it as yours.
    2) video is good and very helpful. But think of how you can make your content stand out. You did this with this blog its about lot of things including guns. So same with videos, how to make them standout and be different.
    3) try little editing and see if you can put some text on some key gun components or use it to highlight something in the video.
    4) try to also give some pros and cons of the gun in summary.

  3. Contd…

    Just few suggestions, you have a creative side as evident from your writing , not put some of that passion and creativity in videos… today its guns tomorrow you could be reviewing other stuff 🙂

    Oh and perhaps you could get some trader or gun shop to sponsor some or part of this video creation / editing… you could get guns to review and they could get some brand exposure.

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