Lee Enfield No 5 Mk1

Hello. I came across this Lee Enfield No 5 Mk1, in an excellent condition and could not stop myself from sharing its photo. Chambered in .303 the Lee’s were known for their reliability and accuracy. These were produced in the 1944 and beyond. The SMLENo5 Mk1 is a bolt action rifle, with manual safety, iron sights with a hardy metallic butt plate. I have had the pleasure of shooting a Lee Enfield No3 Mk1, No4 Mk1 and a P14 as well, all chambered in the famous .303 cartridge. The No 5 Mk1 was different form the No4 and No3 in size and weight. Almost 4 inches shorter and a Kg lighter, these were later known as the “Jungle Carbine”.

The No5 has a conical flash hider to reduce muzzle flash. I must say the .303 is a potent round and the recoil is quite noticeable. Scopes can be fitted on to these rifles thanks to after market mounts. Few years ago I modified my Lee Enfield No4 Mk1.

However, finding ammo is not easy. There’s military surplus lots available in Darra which results in “hang fire”, this is basically 1940’s ammo. It affects accuracy and is in some cases not safe. I have seen some Afghan war ammo that is much better than the military surplus. In Pakistan it falls in the NPB category so you can get one from Darra for around Rs 15k plus minus on your license.

The SMLE No5 Mk1 is a collector’s item and fun to shoot.





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6 thoughts on “Lee Enfield No 5 Mk1”

  1. Nice looking rifle but consistently inaccurate (looses zeroing). It was manufactured for only a while and then discontinued for being inaccurate.


    1. You must be talking about the wandering zero I guess. It was a hot issue. But then there are people who don’t believe in it based on their experience 😀


  2. Actually I have a first hand experience with Jungle Carbine. It actually is inaccurate. My two cents on the subject coupled with personal disappointment. 🤪


  3. The groups made by this rifle are highly unpredictable. I don’t own one now. Rifle no 4 mk 1 or 2 are way better and I gladly own mk 1 at present.


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