Do you carry a backup gun?

Mouse guna are ideal backup weapons

I know a lot of people in my social circle who carry guns for self defense. It is always concealed carry. In big cities where the rime rate is going through the roof carrying a concealed weapon makes a lot of sense. But I have always been very apprehensive if people actually carry a backup gun as well?

A small revolver or a pistol hidden in a pocket or worn on ankle holster can be a very good backup weapon. I have heard of the police carrying backup guns but seldom came across anyone wearing one. I think depends on the kind of threat one perceives, that would dictate what type of backup weapon to carry.

But besides all I would personally prefer a .25 ACP mouse gun, a small .32 something like a Llama, perhaps a snub nosed wheeler in .357 Magnum, a 7 shot Makarov, or even a sub compact like Glock 26. Just wondering if anyone out of you carry a backup weapon? Share your thoughts please. Cheers.

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