Why people do not prefer revolvers in Pakistan?

Would you prefer a revolver over a pistol? Somehow revolvers are not much preferred weapons in Pakistan, specially for SD. I wonder why? Though I must say wheelers are reliable and there’s a huge group of gun enthusiasts that prefer revolvers over pistols. There was a time when it was mostly revolvers, I am talking about the time till late 70’s and early 80’s. Then slowly as more options became available people started shifted towards pistols. Darra boys had been making .32 revolvers since a long time. These revolvers were known for their beauty and reliability.

Of the so many gun makers in Darra and Kohat Road, Peshawar almost none is now making revolvers. A few of them were selling revolvers made years ago. When asked I was told that revolvers are old fashioned and not much in demand. But surprisingly when a Taurus 22, or 357 Magnum lands here, there are people who pay a price to get one. Also the gun makers are mostly busy making copies of famous Turkish handguns but none has ventured in the wheeler domain.

But still I think if someone makes revolvers they are going to sell, if not in huge but in small numbers. Also the importers are not much interested in bringing revolvers in the market. Just my thoughts 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Why people do not prefer revolvers in Pakistan?”

  1. I carry my Semi automatic and than a revolver as a backup. Revolvers will never ever fail you. It’s the perfect firearm.

    I am in law enforcement in USA and we all carry 2 firearms. Revolver 5 shot is fail l safe. A semi automatic can jam while a revolver is highly less likely to Jam.


  2. Hi, Bro,

    Pros in jobs requiring no calling cards left at incident-scene always prefer wheelers. Arguments for reliability of a Glock may be delivered, but these Pros guys for SD and some that I know in big game hunting, always keep big-bore/mag wheelers with them.


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