A Turkish Tokarev in 12 Gauge!

A 12 Gauge Tokarev!

Hello. I found this 12 Gauge pump action shot gun to be very interesting. Interesting because of its name, Tokarev. For those who aren’t aware Tokarev is the name of famous Russian WW2 pistol chambered in.30 bore. These fearsome 30 bore pistols were and are still known to have great stopping power. In fact the 30 bore is a very potent round.

So coming back to the topic. This little 12 Gauge shot gun has a 12 inch long barrel and it’s tube can hold 4 (3 inch) shells. The design is very basic, there’s no stock. Instead this gun has a grip. The front hand grip has serrations for a good hold.

This is one mean looking shotty.

The grip has cut out for fingers. A simple safety on the trigger guard can be engaged or disengaged with thumb and forefinger respectively. The shot gun has acceptable quality coating. Nothing exceptional about it except the size. All Google searches turned out to be in vain as no clue to its manufacturer could be found.

See the manual safety. The grip is made of rubber which is comfortable to hold.
Made in Turkey
The build quality isn’t bad.
Nothing special about the front sight but I can see a dovetail here!
See that?
Here’s the posterior view.

This thing is selling for around Rs 35k nowadays. I think this can be a good weapon for car use though can even be used for home defense. Good value for money. Cheers

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2 thoughts on “A Turkish Tokarev in 12 Gauge!”

  1. I came across this shotgun at a few places here in Karachi. While I really liked its looks and compact size, I decided not to go for it because as you said, its a complete stranger in the world of shotguns. Hope it is serving you well? Hopefully there will be some reviews to follow after yours, and I will definitely consider this one to scratch my pump action itch.


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