A.38 Webley Mk4 revolver…

Six shooter, a mean beast from bygone era

The .38 Webley is a well known revolver in Pakistan. These were inherited by our military from the British. The top break six shooters were known for their reliability and have been in service for a long long time. These wheelers have simple design, no safety, top break, with six shot capacity

. These are now mostly kept as trophy.

Simple top break revolver.

The rear sight is notch and front is simple fixed.

The six shooter from hell!

The.38 does pack a punch.

The Webley were officially retired from service in 1970. These were however used in Pakistan Army much longer till around mid 1980’s. With a 6 inch barrel and weighing at 2.4 pounds these guns packed a punch and had a max effective range of 45 meters. These are now mostly kept as a trophy. Also finding ammo for these handguns isn’t easy. These military surplus revolvers can also be found in Daara for cheap.

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