Winchester 1300 Pump action (Defender)

The Winchester 1300 (Defender) is a pump action shot gun, known for its reliability. It comes with wooden as well as fiber stock and fore end. The 1300 derived its design from the 1200. The 1200 was introduced somewhere in 1964’s and was also used by the military. The military versions were also known to have bayonets installed at their front end. It comes in variable calibers, 12 gauge, 16 gauge and 20 gauge.  It is a robust gun, very reliable and easy to use. The gun being talked about here is a 12 gauge.


Caliber: 12 Gauge

Action: Pump action

Safety: Yes

Capacity: 6 shots

Muzzle mounted bead sight.

Weight: approx 3 kgs

Length: 40 inches

Barrel length: 18 inches


The Defender 1300 has manual safety near the trigger.


1300 defender is designed for 12 Gauge shells in 2 1/4 and 3 inches.


It is a visually appealing shot gun.


The Winchester 1300 Defender, is ideal for security and home defense. Because of quick cycling it can also be used for hunting. Though it may require longer barrel for hunting. Since I don’t hunt much so I haven’t explored this side of the shot gun. The receiver is made of Aluminum alloy. The shot gun is simple to use and maintain. A manual thumb/finger safety on the trigger guard makes more safe. I have fired 12 gauge LG/SG as well as slugs through it. The beast is well made and can eat anything. A few years ago some Turkish shot guns of similar shape were imported. Presently these US made models are selling for Rs 75k plus minus in Pakistan. I think it offers excellent value for money considering its build quality, specs and features.

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2 thoughts on “Winchester 1300 Pump action (Defender)”

  1. On the fence, deciding if I should get it.
    Please give feedback about 870 vs 1300
    And should one get a 1300 if an opportunity comes.
    Also kindly briefly tell sxp vs 1300


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