A .32 Webley revolver Darra made copy

Craftsmen in Darra used to make these .32 bore Webley revolver copies, mostly in the 70’s. It was the time pistols weren’t as popular as they are today. Also at them time .32 was the most easily available caliber, and hence most popular. The Darra boys achieved almost perfection in making these revolvers. It was a time when many a Khan would be seen wearing one cross chest sort of holster which would be hanging to his left, just parallel to the waistline.

The seven shooters became extremely common and could be bought between Rs 150 to 200. The top break revolvers worked in SA as well as DA, had a manual safety, a lanyard ring, fixed front and notch rear sights. This particular revolver has a bronze trigger and hammer, something which gives it a unique look and character. It is in a reasonably good condition, considering the fact that it is over 50 years old.

These top break revolvers were known to be reliable and reasonably accurate.


These wheelers work in SA and DA.


See the 7 shooter. This one has been well kept over the years.


It has a fixed front and notch rear sight.

In the safe position the notch protrudes to the left and thus inhibits the hammer movement, it renders the trigger useless.



In the ready to fire position the safety notch would protrude to the right side thus making way for the hammer to fall back and strike the round. The hammer itself has a pointed tip which acts like a firing pin. Observe the red colored dot on the notch which means “the gun is ready to fire.”

I just could not stop myself from writing about this particular piece. It has a certain emotional attachment to its owner.


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