Are the days of hammer fired pistols over?

After looking at the 2020/21 imports in Pakistan, I am talking pistols only, it seems striker fired pistols are “in” and hammer fired “out”. It seems like world over the trend of making striker fired pistols in catching up. Why is that? I am not sure, but the few I have seen are all going for strikers. Please see the few examples below…


Canik TP9 Elite, in fact the whole line up is striker fired.


Zigana PX9 striker fired.


Lebedev SP-1


Again Canik TP9 series.


Taurus G3C striker fired.

Even CZ has a new line up CZ P10 series. All of them are striker fired. The Walther has the now getting very famous Walther PDP.

Not yet landed here in Pakistan, but pretty much expected. Photo credits


Dearly waiting for the Walther PDP. Photo credits

However the Chinese have preferred to stick to their old designs with some minor changes, but hammer fired. I am not sure if this is because of the importers or a world wide trend, but this is the shape of things to come. How do you fell about this change? Share your thoughts please. Cheers


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10 thoughts on “Are the days of hammer fired pistols over?”

  1. I don’t mind if my email address is published.
    I have just three observations about striker- fired pistols. One, all are polymer-framed; two, all look almost the same; and three, all need very professional handling.

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    1. Many thanks for your valuable comments. I totally agree with you. Somehow I’m a little old school, I prefer hammer fired guns. But I guess it’s time to change. For me if a striker fired gun has manual safety I am OK with it.


  2. In my opinion hammer fire mechanism is safer for beginners. Striker fired ones usually only come with trigger safety which exponentially increases chances of negligent discharge.


  3. Yours is perhaps one of the few blogs i follow… i feel you have made a nice niche for yourself especially for gun enthusiasts. Your reviews are simple and not too technical.
    Now on to other things, about to buy my first handgun (yay, yes i got the permit finally) most people are suggesting i go for a hammer fired gun… but no one seems to clarify The WHY part.


    1. Many thanks for the nice words. Hammer fired guns were traditionally the way guns were made. Later striker fired guns were produced, of them Glock being the most successful. I see it as an evolutionary process. Normally we have safety in hammer fired guns, and striker fired are devoid of safety , mostly. But in some cases there is safety. Also you can have single and double action in hammer fired guns, well mostly, but there is little concept of SA and DA in case of striker fired guns. There are people who say striker fired are better and more reliable as they have less parts and also cost less to make. There are pros and cons to both. In the end I must say its your personal choice. I am a little old school, so I would go for a hammer fired 🙂 But generally now the trend is shifting to striker fired handguns. Hope this helps. Cheers


  4. Firstly thanks for taking time to reply. In your opinion which handgun would you recommend that is hammer fired, reliable and cost effective (best value for money) here in Pakistan…


    1. Latest all weapons imported in Pakistan except Chinese CF98 are striker fired. See if you can get a CZ from old lot, or maybe some Turkish like Sarsilmaz. I’ve heard some CZ guns are arriving. But then CZ has also introduced a new lineup that’s striker fired the CZ P10 series.


  5. Thanks… will look around accordingly. Being new to these things finding a good dealer in islamabad or Rawalpindi is my main focus now so then can decide what to buy from the stock they have. Being new to guns i feel ill surely fall for a fake/replica if i dont go to good dealers.

    Any good references in Twin cities??


    1. Not sure about Rawalpindi Islamabad market. I’ve heard about Badruddin in Saddar Rawalpindi. Also Ilahi Buksh. But I do know peshawar dealers. Regards


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