.223 options available in Pakistan

Chinese CQA.223 (5.56×45)

Here are some of the .223 (5.45 x 45 NATO) options presently available in Pakistan. These are legit for civilian use being semi-auto only. These can be acquired on NPB license. The top photo is Chinese CQA which is an AR15 style weapon, by Norinco. These may come with barrel extensions.



Saiga.223 comes in two versions, wooden furniture and synthetic stock. The stock is retractable.

Saiga.223 short barrel with wooden furniture.

You can also make your own .223, well actually means get it made by collecting the necessary parts. A lot of companies are making these out of local parts and some with imported parts.
There’s news of Veper .223 coming to Pakistan in near future, so one more option is on the cards soon. It will be interesting to see a few Turkish or American AR15 rifles in Pakistan.

What type is better or best depends on your preferences. AR style can be fitted with a lot of goodies and accessorized for example ACOG, EOTECH sight etc. Some people prefer the AK shape as they find it compact and in some cases reliable. Prices vary from Rs 340k to Rs 400k depending on where you are located and the type you are planning to buy. Hope you find this info useful. Cheers

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13 thoughts on “.223 options available in Pakistan”

  1. Aoa. Probably earlier message didn’t get approved. I’m getting a quote on m16A1 around 450k. All original except upper and lower receiver. Do you think it’s reasonable?


    1. Certainly Not
      I have an all original M16A1 in my possession & I’ve hands-on experience with the clone they are pushing in the market
      The upper & lower they machine are heavy to say the least
      Go for a CQA


  2. Noman sahab, a fan of your content.
    I shoot about 200 every month. Tired of trashing cq rifles.
    Could you please recommend a decent ar (not cqa) which i can get made. Any companies you have in mind you would want to share where we can get genuine ar parts.


      1. Hello Mr Nauman.
        Can they import American made AR upper and lower recievers? Like aero precision or SLR on order? And what about barrels and BCGs? Can they also be imported? Thank you


  3. Nauman, there are 2 variants in market for Norinco one with CQ logo which is marked 5.56 and other with Norinco Logo marked .223 , dealers are selling .223 Norinco logo guns with 5.56 ammo and saying it is same as 5.56 Gun just marking says .223. Can your anyone here confirm if it is same thing or no because as we know 5.56 is hot bullet then .223 rem .


    1. marked as 223 would mean it is chambered with 223 Remington specs. It is always better to go for a 5.56 chambered marked rifle as it is okay to shoot both the ammos out of 5.56 chamber but wouldn’t be safe for a 5.56 being fired out of a 223.


      1. Yes agreed. All variants are chambered in 5.56, from what I have come to know from dealers and importers. 223 markings are for regulatory purposes. Regards


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