A few days ago I blogged about CF98 price coming down to Rs 70 to 80k. Just two days ago I got word that CF98 is selling from Rs 50 to 60k. That is really some price drop! But from what I have heard the pistols are still not selling. The reason I have been told is that a huge lot of them was held up at the port because of some reason. The packing had deterriorated, some of the handguns had rusted, and were in pretty bad shape. Anyways they say pistols were cleared after many years, they were reblued, in some cases renumbered and repacked. They also say news has a way of getting around, so people got wind of it. Sales dropped and here we are today. These are rumors.

But the actual story is that around 4000 pistols landed in Pakistan. The market did not have that much capacity. Prices dropped. There were lots of rumors in between. But just today I got word the price has again shot back to 70k.

I want to thank SZ for pointing out this fact. He commented and I had to make lots of calls to get to the truth. Many thanks sir. Your comment is valuable. The post has this been updated. I apologize if this has caused inconvenience to anyone.

But really there’s a lot of people who still believe in the rumors.

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8 thoughts on “CF98 PRICE SWINGS!”

  1. Bhaiya, ulti baat….
    How can the same pistol morphed into a newer shape? Grip has changed, magazine has changed, magwell is different, heck, even there is now some sort of rails.
    And here you are parroting same thing the dealer mafia is saying… “CF98 jali hen, darry ki hen”, or “China ki ksi kachra company men bani hae, wo wali quality hi nhi”, or this what you are talking “they just refurbished the rusted pistols which sat at port for a decade”.

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  2. Salam brother,

    I must say that I got late finding your blog 🙂 Your writings remind me of all days of authentic blogging. Read lot of your blog posts and found all of them really amazing.

    Would like to know about the pistol if can you can assist me on it would be great.

    Count me as your regular reader from now onwards 🙂

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      1. Do you know anything about as they are saying it’s no more made by Norinco company and someone placed an order for cheap CF-98 and that’s this new CF is all about. Let me know if you got any hands-on experience with the newer model and whats your saying about that.


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