CF98 price drop

CF98 pistol

Hello. A new lot of CF98 has landed in Pakistan, specifically Peshawar. My sources tell me it’s around 2000 pistols. As a result of this the price has dropped from Rs 120k to 80k. But please note these are Peshawar prices. At other places price may vary slightly. Good news.

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3 thoughts on “CF98 price drop”

  1. Assalam o Alikum, afzal bhai a very basic and a noob someone can buy it from Peshawar if he have a sindh arm license.

    1. Walekum as Salam. That will be a problem. You could technically get the serial number from the dealer, enter it on your license from sindh, then come and collect the gun but only if there’s a dealer in sindh ready to do this. In other words the dealer in peshawar might have a link with a dealer in Karachi. Just a workaround

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