CF98 latest model lands in Pakistan

CF98 2021 import

I remember my first CF98 cost me a mere Rs 26000 in 2010. It was in those days one of the most popular pistols in Pakistan. Adequately priced, dependable and aesthetically appealing. It quickly found fame amongst gun enthusiasts as a pistol that “does the job”. It came with a manual decocker safety, a rotating barrel, just all right trigger, metal slide, polymer frame, a decent double stack 15 round mag, miserable fixed sights, just so so finish, but was very popular because of its price and reliability. Not only that it was sleek enough to be carried. Then later after the import ban prices shot up and it would sell for 130k or more. A CF98 mini with a single stack 7 round magazine was later launched that became a hit. Come 2021 the new model has-been launched which reached Pakistan few weeks ago. There isn’t much difference between the two except for the rather thick Magazine baseplate and a slight curve in the grip. This will give a better grip and spruces up the looks. The gun is retailing at Rs 120k to 130k. Enjoy the photos 🙂

Observe the checkered trigger guard.
CF98 rotating barrel.
Magazine with an extended baseplate.
The checkered grip for a better hold.
Not many changes except the magazine baseplate.
Overall the finish is decent.

I think it will be a decent purchase if the price drops to 90k. Other than that this is an economical, reliable and pretty accurate weapon. Cheers.

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35 thoughts on “CF98 latest model lands in Pakistan”

      1. WAAS. Can you please answer the following questions?
        1. How much did you use it? How many rounds fired?
        2. Is it 2020 model?
        3. How was your experience?
        4. Why do you want to sell it?


  1. I want to purchase a CF 98 Pistol made in china if some one want to sell please contact on this no.03009889885
    Warm regards


  2. Dear Qasim, and All,

    I have All Pakistan License, 9MM.

    I want to purchase Original CF 98 pistol, or any other Genuine imported 9mm pistol.
    If someone want to sale, pls contact me at 03217667389.


  3. I’d like to know your experience if you had ever shot it
    Bought mine a month back
    Couldn’t fire it cause of the busy routine
    Recently took it to the range and I was beyond disappointed
    Of the 20 rounds I fired I faced double feed two/three times
    It was an inertial feed….the gun would eject the spent case but chamber two rounds at the same time
    The rounds seem to pop out of the magazine with a couple of jerks & would make it’s way to the chamber with the slide pushing another round behind it by picking it from the mag
    And it happened with both the mags


    1. Hello and thanks for the comment. This looks like a magazine issue. I’m surprised it is happening with both mags. Where did you buy it from? Please share more info. Thanks


      1. Precisely that’s the problem I returned the gun to khattak arms in Rawalpindi
        They identified the problem as being the ammo
        But I clearly mentioned it wasn’t the ammo
        At which point they put 12 rounds of Chinese 9mm and faced a double feed(Both Live Rounds) at the 6th round fired
        They were kind enough to accept it back at the same MSRP & offer me a replacement gun of my choosing at which point I picked the two tone new import NP 22 since they didn’t have the STR-9 that I was looking for


    1. WAAS. You will take it to a dealer along with your license, and the buyer will also take along his license. The dealer will make an entry in his register and enter the weapon on the buyer’s license.


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