Lebedev SP1 lands in Pakistan

Lebedev SP1 is the sports version of the original Lebedev (Russian) 9×19 mm, pistol. The Lebedev was originally called the PL14, later names PL15 and the compact version is called as PL15K. It is a full frame pistol, with ambidextrous safety, slide stop and mag release. The grips are checkered for better grip. The pistol has picatinny rails for attaching flashlight. The front and rear sights are similar to Glock sights and are replaceable with Glock sights. It comes with two 16 round mags with indicator windows. The slide has a red dot mount plate. The grip has cutouts for easier magazine removal. The looks are impressive, it is a sturdy weapon and if one goes by the track record of Russian weapons, I believe this is another winner in the making. Few pieces have landed here in Pakistan and more are still to arrive. Enjoy the photos.


Glockish eh!


It is an AK (Klashinkov Group) production


I wonder why the Russians loose bug time on aesthetics. I mean just look at the box and packing.


The pistol is retailing around Rs 300k to 350k which is an abysmally high price in my opinion. As more weapons land here the prices will fall, but do not expect a big drop because the dealers have wizened up after the losses they suffered during last five years due to previous Government’s pathetic policies. Let me know what you think about it? Cheers!


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10 thoughts on “Lebedev SP1 lands in Pakistan”

  1. Nice article but overpriced. Dear, I have an import permit, but no brand is ready to export to an individual in Pakistan. Could you help me? Regards.


  2. Hello sir. I would also like to import weapons to Pakistan. I have the contacts in the US with an FFL and export licenses plus I am also in the logistics industry. I am slightly confused about this tedious process and have not done any ground work as yet. I have some questions to ask you if I may. Please let me know what is the best way to connect.


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