Imports 2020 update 2

Hello. Hope the going is good for you guys.  Some Chinese and Turkish pistols have arrived.  The prices are kind of crazy. I’m sharing few photos. These are Canik pistols. The shape has changed a lot. Also I have seen accessories like kydex holsters being added which is good. A changed shape is good for buyers as a lot of pistols are being copied in Peshawar and it is at times difficult to make out original from copy. Also included in some pistols is a threaded barrel. Detailed reviews will come later. Prices are like Rs. 180K for Canik.

Canik TP9 sub compact with threaded barrel.
Canik TP9 in desert tan.
See the kydex holster. Safe action trigger. Tactical rail. Striker fired. Also comes with safety.

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16 thoughts on “Imports 2020 update 2”

  1. If we compare tp9 sub compact with G19,
    The tp9 wins in size, not sure about reliability of these turks handguns but in the past canik proved their quality in old models like c100, shark, pirhana etc.

    Prices are insane nowadays.

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  2. AOA,
    I recently purchased a TP9 Sub mete but it does not come with a threaded barrel. Apart from mounting a flash or sound suppressor is there any other advantage to it? Secondly please also write article on shortage of ammo. POF ammo is unavailable in RWP/LHR.

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    1. Threaded barrel has to be a little longer than a non threaded one because it has to protrude out of the slide/frame. Theoretically the increase length will give more muzzle velocity and perhaps better accuracy, because of added weight at the muzzle end. This is all theoretical. Yes you can attach a suppressor depending on local gun laws. Other than that it looks a little cool maybe 😀.
      Noted about the ammo. Cheers


    2. Hi! POF fmj 124 grain rounds are available in lhr from mall view plaza. Got some round mid jan from there. 180 a pop! (The seller said the were imported from Italy. Shoot fine, though)


      1. POF makes its own 9 mm ammo. I’m surprised to know they imported from Italy. Did they stamp it POF? Somehow it don’t make sense. Can you please share a photo of the headatamp? Thanks


  3. From what I’ve read on another forum, it’s was imported from Italy and is made by Guillio Fiocchi- Lecco. And it’s +P ammo so not recommended for compacts


    1. Apparently the POF 9mm is/was in high demand due to its quality and they had to import ammo from Italy, turkey and China to satiate the local appetite. Still, kind of expensive. Could you recommend a reasonable ammo for DSA 9mm?


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