Gun Safety Rules – Follow them to death

Hello there. I was at a friend’s place few days ago and saw that his drawing room sofa had a deep gash. On asking he told me that he had gone hunting and on the way back forgot to empty his gun. One of his friends tinkered with the trigger and the gun went off in to the sofa arm. Thank God no one got hurt. The wood, cloth and foam padding prevented the bullet from being reflected and was absorbed. Now this man happens to be an old hunter and has a good collection of guns. The point I am trying to make is that he isn’t a novice. He would be the last person I would expect to make such a silly mistake. So without much ado I decided to make this post about gun safety rules.

Here are the gun safety rules to be followed:

  • A gun should always be treated as loaded.
  • Never point the gun towards anyone unless you want to shoot or destroy him/her/it.
  • When holding a gun, no matter pistol, revolver, shotgun or rifle always keep your finger off the trigger.
  • Unless intended for use a gun should be kept unloaded, specially in case of cupboard/drawer/storage place etc.
  • When handing over a gun to anyone see if its empty, then handle it.
  • When taking a gun from someone always check to see if its empty or loaded.
  • When shooting at a target be sure of what is beyond it.
  • If it fails to fire, keep on holding it in a safe direction for few seconds. Then empty it later.
  • Never look in to the barrel unless you are sure that the gun is empty.
  • Use good quality ammo always, means stay away from Desi brands.

Stay safe and happy shooting!

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