How to get an MOI Arms License (Government Officials)

This post is describes the procedure for getting a Ministry of Interior, Arms license. Presently there is a ban for civilians, however Government officials can get license. There are different categories of the MOI arms license, example a new license, a duplicate, transfer or renewal case. All these are done using the same procedure but you will need to attach different documents for all of these.

Please follow the procedure described below:

  1. First of all you have to download the form from MOI website. Here is the link for downloading the form.
  2. Then you fill up the form after reading instructions.
  3. Normally they will need you NIC, 2 x photos and certificate of profession.
  4. After this you send these documents with a letter to MOI, Section Officer Arms, through your concerned Ministry or department . (Please make sure to keep a photocopy and keep it with yourself). In case of Army , PAF or Navy etc you will have to process it through your concerned HQ.
  5. MOI after necessary processing and approval will write a letter to NADRA giving details about your approval. They will also send you details to concerned NADRA office electronically, and also notify you.
  6. You will now have to visit NADRA for some paper work, fee submission, bio-metric etc.
  7. After this you will get your challan from NARDA, normally in a weeks time.
  8. The challan is an important document, you have to take it to a weapons dealer and get your weapon number entered on it, along with details of caliber. He will then stamp it with his official seal. (Please note that it is better to get the weapon entered from Islamabad/Rawalpindi arms dealers, as out of city will not work). After that you take it to CD Office for some verification/entry.
  9. You will then submit these documents again at NADRA. (Please note that there is a maximum time limit for the challan 6 months, after which it automatically expires. So to safe yourself the trouble get it done before the expiry, else you will have to run to NADRA office to get it renewed, which is a big hassle again).
  10. NADRA will then take about 4 weeks to print your MOI license and hand it over to you.

Hope you found it useful. Cheers

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8 thoughts on “How to get an MOI Arms License (Government Officials)”

  1. Salam Alikum,
    Could you please guide me about the change of weapon procedure on MOI license? I am in Karachi and wish to change my shotgun on MOI card.


  2. Assalamo Aliakum
    Sir I have seen your post. It appears the form you referred to is for companies only.
    There is another link i found by searching on google. Kindly see it and give your opinion. I think this form is for individuals. Here again only government servants can apply as they have asked for proof of profession for new licences.
    Kindly do give your guidance as I intend to apply after obtaining my departmental NOC.



  3. Sir Nauman sb
    Assalam o Alikum,
    Hats off to your great contribution to spread awarness,
    Please confirm the latest policy in vogue in Punjab & MOI for issuance of arms licence to other Ranks Personnel of Armed Forces.


    1. Walekum as Salam, thanks for the nice words. Armed Forces personnel will have to apply through their respective HQs to the MOI. Else they will not entertain. I am not sure about provincial procedures though. Regards


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