An 80% Glock 17 ;-)

On my recent visit to Peshawar a friend showed me this beautiful 80% Glock 17, and so I was forced to take a close look at it. Why is it called an 80% Glock 17? Well it has almost 80% original Glock parts and 20% desi. In fact he told me it was 20% Plock, whereas Plock being a local term for a Glock, a Pakistani Glock that is.

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This Glock 187 has an original Glock 17 Gen 2 frame which someone got made on order from Taiwan. In fact there were a couple of them floating around in the market at that time and not only that, they had good repute for consistent performance and no cracking so far over 2000 rounds fired. The upper as well as lower internals are also original, that includes the recoil spring, trigger assembly and firing pin etc. The slide and barrel is however, Desi. I am not sure how much trouble they have gone in to while making the slide or its material. But it has been heat treated to 300 degrees C according to them. Also I was amazed to see that the barrel was polygonal just like the original Glock. I wonder where did they get those reamers from? The magazines are also Glock 17 originals and the box, well I guess that is also original and so are the sights. I am not saying this is as good as an original Glock but I think its close enough. But off course nothing can be said about its reliability and performance without putting it to test for a good number of rounds. Personally I would never carry such a pistol for SD, but for range use I can consider it, only after ascertaining if its safe for the firer. In the factory it was as usual test fired for 5 rounds, that just means that it fires like any normal handgun. Before I forget to tell you, the slide has been cerakoted in OD green. Please see the photos and share your views. Thanks.















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