NP42 Mini Review

The NP42 Mini is the compact version of Chinese CF98/NP42. It is a small, polymer frame pistol with a 7 round capacity chambered in 9 x 19 mm. This pistol has been made for the international market. The original version used by Chinese LEAs is QSZ92. The pistol has safety decocker on both sides. It comes with two magazines, a cleaning rod and some spare springs etc. The packing is plastic box with no instructions manual which is very typical of the Chinese pistols. The pistol is small and ideal for concealed carry. With two single stack magazines the capacity is 14 rounds in all. Rear sights are two dot and front is single dot with a very rough white paint applied to them. The finish is just so so, I believe it is some kind of matte phosphating.

Here are the specs:

  • Caliber: 9 x 19 mm
  • Barrel length: 90 mm
  • Length (Pistol): 160 mm
  • Pistol weight (empty): 640 grams
  • Width: 30 mm
  • Action: SA/DA (delayed blow back with rotating barrel)
  • Sights: 3 dot fixed

There is nothing very special about this pistol except that it is compact and reliable. It is the kind of pistol which gets the job done, very good for concealed carry. The trigger reset is not very long, and with rotating barrel a reasonable amount of accuracy can be achieved. In my opinion it is not suitable for people with very large hands as getting a good grip might not be easy. There are slight serrations on the trigger guard for better grip.  It is a decent looking handgun which used to sell for Rs 50k plus minus but is now retailing around 100k to 130k range.

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16 thoughts on “NP42 Mini Review”

  1. What do think about the barrel life of Chinese pistols, is 8,000 or 10,000 rounds barrel life enough for keeping a gun for a decade or two?

    1. I will support my answer with the cost of ammo which is increasing on daily basis. A Chinese 9 mm round used to cost Rs 30 and is now in excess of 120 Rs. Just to keep current I fire once a month at least maximum 10 to 20 rounds. That makes 240 a year for practice. Even if someone fires 500 rounds a year, that’s a lot of money and far less wear on the gun, barrel included. I think guns last a long time unless we get bored of them.

  2. Right, but why don’t chinese made barrels like those of turkish which have barrel life of around 25k rounds?

    1. Making barrel is an intricate science. Barrel life is a figure after or upon which the performance degrades (in case of rifles) and in case of handguns might lose accuracy because of the rifling. Simple steps like chrome lining can make a barrel rust resistant to a certain degree. Chinese guns are made for a larger market with economy and cost in mind. I would rate Turkish guns higher than Chinese because of quality, ergonomics, details to finish, performance etc. Just my thoughts.

      1. Yeah, it would be costly. Pakistan has not made such quality guns yet, but if there is a joint venture between a Pakistani firm and a Turkish arms manufacturer it would be great.

  3. Chinese guns are made for a larger market with economy and cost in mind. I would rate Turkish guns higher than Chinese because of quality, ergonomics, details to finish, performance etc. Just my thoughts…………………….. Agreed yes……turkish work with Italian CNC plants to meet quality n finishing standards. Chinese work with CHUN MUN eyes n cost factors strictly ……. i have range tested b6 sarsilmaz n cf-98 norinco. with their own pros n cons b6 is better as its cz-75 clone …..thanks

  4. I Like Yous Posts Specially NP 42 Mini Can You Guide Me Upload NP 42 Mini Pic With Kydex Holster Where You Buy Or Made That’s Holster

    1. I haven’t used it but I have heard good things about it. It gets the job done. HP needs to be tried before planning to use for SD.

    1. Are you looking for 15 rounds magazine? Or you want to buy one? 15 rounds is a double stack and will not fit the NP42 mini. Cheers

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