A read badass desi Glock 19

Hello there. I came across this badass desi Glock 19 sporting a stippled frame and Taran Tactical innovations slide and magazine base pad. This was something interesting for me at least. Instead of making a Glock this guy decided to copy the Taran Tactical Innovations design. The build quality is not so bad, and the stippled frame is impressive. Though I could not get to fire this beauty but it certainly is a looker. Please see below for a pictorial review.


So after using CNC machines these guys have started using fine quality laser printing.



Combat Master.




See the stippled frame, the magazine base and the grip extension.




The frame quality and internals is good to look at.




The grip extension.



One of the things I observed in desi Glock magazines is that the spring is too hard and after 5 rounds it is really difficult to load a magazine. This one was different, it worked like an original. I think he’s using good quality springs or maybe originals.




The Glock 19 barrel.



A Combat Master slide copy.

Something tells me this is a good handgun to shoot at least. Although nothing can be said about its reliability. I have asked me friend to lend it to me for range use only, one of these days. Can wait to shoot this baby. 🙂




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15 thoughts on “A read badass desi Glock 19”

      1. Sir I have been stalking desi manufacturers like crazy and farooq Ali Shah’s work has gotten my attention for the attention to details…


  1. He must have used the springs that come with the base extn. Ive seen mag base extn on aliexpress that coms with springs.


  2. I have range tested a glock made by farooq….. around 150 rounds…5 different bullet brands… 3 different shooters…..no issue except 1 FTE…..accuracy not bad at all.if its glock-26 then good for 10 yards sd. Obviously copies are copies but comments without use are useless.


  3. i dnt mean any offence but barrel cross section wd reveal barrel lining and grooves…..not shown above [a careless review]. at-least important details shd not b skipped before passing judgement or we are jumping wrong conclusions. Most of the darra firarm industry isnt reliable but kohat road industrial area in Peshawar is entirely different ball game.


    1. Well its not about the CNC machine only. The materials matter, quality controls and standards matter (which are almost non existent). That said, making copies alone isn’t enough. These are lookalikes.


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