How to make an AR15 rifle in Pakistan?

In our part of the world the price and availability of a certain caliber of ammo dictates the popularity of a weapon. Not that rare weapons or ammo isn’t available, but it comes at a price. If you talk about pistols, 9 mm and 7.62 x 25 is the way to go. A .40 ACP pistol for instance would not sell at a good price because the ammo wouldn’t be cheap and easily available. So when we talk of rifles, it was mostly  7.62 x 51 (.308 Win), 7 mm, .243, 7.62 x 54R and 7.62 x 39 (though 7.62 x 39 and 7.62 54R are banned by law in Pakistan). But then came war in Afghanistan and we found cheap 5.56 x 45 (aka .223) available in loads and obviously with it came weapons meant for that caliber, the M4, old M16 and the semi auto version AR15. The problem with American weapons was their price, about 7 years ago you could buy a Colt M4 for Rs 400k, to 600k. But then some wise dealers decided to import the Chinese CQA semi autos is the same caliber en masse. The prices were really attractive, Rs 110k for a Chinese CQA chambered in .223, semi auto off course. What more could anyone want. But then the Government changed and a ban was placed on import of weapons under the guise of security situation, a ban which practically to this day exists, though relaxed on paper. Prices of weapons and ammo sky rocketed, CQA started selling for over Rs 350k, Colt M4 was over a million, FN M16 is now around Rs 650k and the price of .223 ammo has swelled from Rs 20 to Rs 100 plus depending on where you are located in Pakistan. So then what was a man (who wanted an AR15 badly) supposed to do? Build one off course, and that’s exactly what started happening. And the best thing about an AR15 is you build it piece by piece and customize it to your liking. As the say, the possibilities are endless.

So basically you need the following parts to make an AR15;

  • Barrel (various options available from 14.5″ to 20.5″ plus minus a few), I would suggest going for original American
  • A Bolt or BCG as they say (Again American preferred)
  • An AR15 upper (now they are making them in Pakistan, good quality stuff)
  • An AR15 Upper (Pakistani stuff isn’t bad quality but if you’ve got the monies go for American)
  • Internals/trigger mechanism (Various options available in imported)
  • Stock
  • Rails
  • Gas block
  • Front and rear sights
  • Buffer tube
  • Flash hider
  • Red dot sights (optional)
  • Bipod etc

The good thing is all these are available in the market. You get them piece by piece because getting all of them in one location might not be possible. That done, you start making or assembling your rifle. There’s plenty of videos available on YouTube telling how to make one. Do you research, but if you feel you can’t do it, well then you can always go to Peshawar or a little ahead and get one made 🙂

All these parts included you rifle should cost something like Rs 300K plus minus a few, depending on so many factors. I think this is a good bang for the buck, right now, or maybe the best option as of now. Since .223 is not prohibited bore in Pakistan so you can get the semi-auto on you NPB license. See photos of some of the local made AR15 rifles in Pakistan to get an idea of the design and build. Cheers

An original barrel and Bolt should cost like Rs 190k plus, as of now. Though prices will vary, depending on demand and supply.


The locally made upper/lower quality isn’t bad. Get them cerakoted 🙂


An after market AR15 flash hider.


Ain’t she beautiful!



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29 thoughts on “How to make an AR15 rifle in Pakistan?”

  1. Thanks for sharing. As always loved reading it. Question: How would you go about registering it? Would the license come first or would you build the AR15 first?
    What are your thoughts on the ban situation. I literally got old waiting for it to be lifted! 🙂


    1. Thanks. The license always comes first. After that you make it and register it on the license.
      The ban is a unjust if you ask me as a gun enthusiast. The previous government said it was being placed due to the security situation. The present government maintained this stance. Then said we don’t want to lose foreign exchange on useless stuff. Then it lifted the ban on paper only. A huge quantity of arms and ammo is held up with customs since last 4 years. Investors have lost their money and no one is willing to take a risk. Thanks to our competent baboos sitting in government offices. Hope this answers your questions. Cheers


      1. I totally agree. Legal weapons in the hands of responsible citizens do not pose any threats if proper pre-requisites are adequately met before issuance of the license by the issuing authorities.

        Moreover, it is not like the ban helped with the security or law&order situation of the country in any way. It is just one of those senseless decisions or lack thereof that we see happening in our routine life.


      1. reliable polymer frame (desi/imported), a good barrel (sd9ve, or locally machined), a titanium striker pin and original recoil spring, 2x mags. all for G19. the entire system should be “AA+” quality i.e. parts that can later be swapped with original or after market glock parts that fit in any glock sys.

        now sir, my idea is that all of this should cost well under 80k. problem is, i still haven’t been able to figure out which of kohat road’s factories are more reliable and would make a weapon that can last at least for 5k rounds.

        there’s Royal Arms Coy, they offer a lifetime warranty, have a reputable name. however i’ve heard they don’t make their own frames or strikers.

        then there’s Moonstar, who offer dirt cheap glocks which according to one of their satisfied customer in isl is every bit reliable using POF ammo only.

        Ive also learned that DSA doesn’t make their own DSA NINE Frames and has then made from a reputable local injection moulding facility.
        is there a way to get that facilty to make glock 19 gen 4 frame in better or same quality as the DSA Nine?

        my concern is what should i do? who should i go with if we’re strictly talking glocks.


      2. Here’s what I know: A limited quantity of Glock 19 Gen 3 frames are available, look for them! You can get Glock 17 internals, original or after market. Then you need acceptable quality barrel and slide made from any manufacturer. Finally get it assembled.
        The problem is inconsistent quality of frames, quality wise. I know of Glock 19 local frames cracking at 500 round count and of one passing the 3000 round count. So inconsistent behavior or quality is the problem. Internals is another issue. Local slide and barrel is still not bad.
        But instead of doing all this, go for a Chinese or Turkish handgun, even if used but in good condition.
        DSA will never tell you who is making their frames 🙂

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  2. many thanks sir, my desperation towards desi glocks (plocks) is because of exorbitant prices of the chinese and turkish pistols. I was particularly intersted in np22 and np34, but they now cost around 150k which is ridiculous. so a plock in half that price didnt seem like a bad deal. but if such a plock is only good for 500rds then its a shiite deal altogether ..


      1. Trueshot is the last fallback option, I don’t like how it looks, the trigger guard is absurd, the slide is too tall, looks like a mutated zigana. although theres a year’s warranty I have yet to hear that some customer has completed 3000 rounds on it without replacing anything major.


      2. Given the price of ammo, you will or anyone will reach 3000 mark after a lot of time 🙂 If your primary aim is SD then go for it, put through 500 rounds, it will give you the confidence. I have heard that the military has carried out extensive tests on it.


      1. Glock frames for Gen3 that are claimed to be manufactured in taiwan are actually made by norinco exclusively for glock 17, BUT norinco introduced their version(besharam copy :P) of glock, named NP-7.
        They were sending those to customers in Pakistan in the old days.


  3. Sir, is it legal and possible to get a friend coming from the US to bring a “Polymer 80” frame or a barrel or mags in his luggage?


  4. Sir I Need Help, My Beretta a304 Semi auto 12 guage Bolt Charging Handle got broken on my last waterfowl hunt of season. cant seem to find anywhere any help would be much appreciated. thanks in advance.


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