DSA Trushot 9 mm Review

DSA Trushot is a semi auto pistol designed and produced by Daudsons, a Peshawar based Pakistani Arms manufacturing company. DSA has been making quality firearms for decades and also making high quality weaponry for the local Defence forces. DSA shot guns are used by security companies in Pakistan, also their side by side shot guns are popular amongst the hunters. Trushot was made in 9 mm a few years ago. I happened to have a look at it in 2012 at the IDEAS exhibition. Now there are three types of Trushot, Trushot S(Sports), Trushot C (Compact) and the simple Trushot all chambered in 9 mm. Lately they have made a new model in 7.62 x 25 commonly called as 30 bore. I have for a long time wanted to review their handguns, so when a friend acquired one, I asked him to lend me for a review to which he very kindly agreed, for which I am greatly indebted to him. Please read on for more info…

Here are the specs of the piece being reviewed;

  • Caliber: 9 x 19 mm
  • Action: SA/DA
  • Mag Capacity: 14 + 1
  • Barrel length: 4.15”
  • Overall pistol length: 7.4”
  • Pistol height: 5.7”
  • Pistol width:  frame .9” slide 1.1″, the grip is almost 1.4″
  • Weight: 900 grams unloaded with magazine attached
  • Frame: solid Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy Billet. Treated with DSA Scratch-less TM Coating
  • Sights: Front fixed (red fiber optic), Rear adjustable in one plane (two dot green fiber optic)
  • Slide: Forged Steel (Alloy)
  • Barrel: Made from High Grade 4140 Alloy Steel. Coated with DSA Scratch less TM Plating. 6 lands & grooves (1 twist over 254 mm)
  • Safety: Manual ambidextrous, which disconnects trigger, hammer and firing pin
  • Finish: Matte black
  • Accessory Rails: Standard accessory rails
  • Grips: Black Polymer

Specs data as shown on DSA website.


Before I give a description I would share some photos of the DSA Trushot dis-assembled for you to see its quality.



Here’s a view form the other side. See the ambidextrous safety, the mag release is only for right handed shooters, I wonder if it can be made for left handed shooters as well. But since following DSA on Facebook and Instagram I have seen them to be supportive so might be possible.



So you get a pistol and two mags in a plastic box. The box quality is just ok. Also included was a target shooting report of the pistol, stating the date and pistol number and remarks of the shooter. I think the plastic box can be improved and DSA might consider adding a cleaning rod and brush not to mention an instruction manual. Believe me it adds value to the whole package.



The pistol take down is extremely simple, just rotate the take down notch 90 degrees and the slide comes off. I think its well designed in this area.



See the slide and frame dis-assembled. I am impressed with the quality of internal as well as external finish. No machining or tooling marks and inconsistencies.



See the slide form inside. Sorry for the bad quality photos 🙂



Ok guys the sight picture is good. Although the fiber optic could have been a little more bright. The colored three dot system helps in better target acquisition. The finish to really good.




Here’s the recoil spring and supporting rod. Nothing much to say here, seems ok to me.





The barrel itself has a fine finish. The inside land and grooves were good. Impressive work dudes!






Here’s a photo with the slide stop engaged.


Ok guys here’s my take on the DSA Trushot 9 mm. I think its a fine pistol by all standards. I talked to the local dealer in Rawalpindi asking if he could give me two spare mags with the pistol and he readily agreed. The grip is ok, there’s checkering on it which will help give a good grip in case of sweaty hands. The initial impression on looking is of a good quality handgun, it exudes good quality. The frame has checkering on the grip as well as trigger guard for a good hold. A rail on the front means you can attach a torch or red dot sight. As compared to plastic frame pistols it is slightly heavier but still manageable. A 14 + 1 double stack magazine means you get good capacity for SD. The pistol itself is fine, DSA however, needs to make improvements to the packaging and need to add cleaning materials and instruction manual in the box. The pistol is selling in rs 45,000 range as of now which is not bad at all as you get a Pakistani designed, good quality pistol in this much money. Much better than buying copies of US, Turkish or other guns with no guarantees or quality control. The pistol has high bore axis and short trigger reset.


Most of us are fans of imported pistols, rightly so because the local industry does not or has not been able to make weapons that can compete in quality with imported ones. They might be cheaper but when it comes to quality and reliability, nothing is guaranteed and finally there is the absence of after sales support. Now coming to the present scenario in Pakistan, all imports (commercial) are banned since at least last 5 years. This has made a huge demand and supply gap. A Chinese CF 98 which used to cost Rs 30,000 is now selling for Rs 120,000. So what is the solution? But local desi clones? Or get a well designed Pakistani weapon that guarantees quality and after sales support? I would go for option 2. It beats clones in quality as well as price. DSA has rightly identified this ban period and invested its time and money in R&D. While all others from Darra till Kohat Road industrial area are busy churning out unreliable copies upon copies there is one company that has chosen to take the difficult path. If you look at it that way it is the first Pakistani designed pistol, which itself is commendable. Frankly if you ask me its better to go for a local designed pistol made with relevant quality control mechanisms in place rather go for a copy of Glock, Beretta and Zigana etc. The reason being that DSA being a local manufacturer will be able to supply spares.

I am dying to take this pistol for a good range session, but due to the lock down its not possible for now. And finally a word about reliability. To me that’s the number one quality that a weapon MUST possess, all other are secondary. How reliable is the DSA Trushot? Only time will answer that question, because four or five years is too less a time to establish reliability factor of a weapon. I have seen photos of the various torture tests been carried out by the military procurement and testing department. They have now a new design in 30 bore as well and another pistol named DSA Nine chambered in 9 x 19 mm, Glockish in looks 🙂 I will make an effort to review all these models and test fire them for accuracy and feel. Till then stay safe and stay Corona free. Cheers.

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48 thoughts on “DSA Trushot 9 mm Review”

    1. The only thing that I hate about Pakistani guns is their extremely ugly hand grips. Is it impossible to design some sensible hand grips. If you have no idea, go and see the handgrips of american and european handguns.


  1. Thankyou for detailed review, i am looking to buy dsa9 after this lockdown, but i cant find any detailed review except one on youtube. Will really appreciate if you write about dsa9.


  2. Dear Sir,
    I’d like to ask a few questions please.
    Can it be carried cocked?
    Is it safe enough for edc?
    What about drop safety?
    Is it as reliable as a Glock/sig/cz/zastava/norinco?

    Does DSA plan to introduce a decocker?


    1. Hello and yes it can be carried cocked. But I would prefer to engage the safety. For EDC a compact handgun is a better option, lookout for Trushot C, which is the compact version. And yes it has drop safety. I asked Daudsons and so far they have no plans for introducing a de-cocker.


  3. I own this pistol which came as a gift from a dear friend .. lovely pistol ! Just seems to be a bit heavy other than that no complains ! Thank you daudsons for developing an excellent pistol locally !


  4. Col Sb,
    Great overview of the handgun, content is very nicely laid down
    What’s the price, warranty and availability.
    Free lancing is expensive job, thanks for taking out time and writing review.


    1. Walekum as Salam, I am sorry since I do not own the pistol and I have given it back to the owner so I am afraid I won’t be able to upload the pic for now. But I can assure you its good quality barrel. Regards


  5. Thank you for your detail review of this outstanding pistol. DSA is doing a wonderful job by making quality guns for the local users. My elder brother is using the same gun from the last 4-5 years with out any problem. He fired alot of rounds having no issue regarding quality. But DSA must focus on its advertisement particularly on its youtube channel as they are doing a wonderful job. The masses needs to know more about their quality of R&D.


  6. Hi, Love your detailed posts.
    If you could shed some light on the following points as i’m planning to buy one.
    DSA Nine vs DSA Trushot. What are the differences and how do they impact their use. Are the sights different?
    Berreta FS By Moonstar vs DSA Handguns. Which would you suggest.
    Lastly. Is that the only reliable option available under 60k?
    And how much the extra magazines costed you.

    P.S Whats the status of new 9mm Licence in Islamabad currently?


    1. Thanks for liking the post.
      I haven’t been able to review the DSA nine, but the DSA website says it has fiber optic sights. I guess it will be similar to the Trushot.
      I would never suggest copies like Beretta or any other thing for the simple reason that they lack quality controls and hence reliability. Please do not go on mere lip service provided by these gun makers. So DSA is recommended option.
      Under 60k yes that is the only option. You maybe able to find Tokarev (TT) (Chinese or Russian) under 60k, but then that is 30 bore (7.62 x 25) and not 9 mm.
      I did not buy this handgun, the magazines are around 3k each.
      The license ban has been lifted for government officials only. Though you may try Punjab or Balochistan.


  7. This has been a good read. Very good review overall. Yet I have to get hold of trushot and try it for myself. As I am desperately seeking something in low budget but reliable. After months of in depth analysis I also came to a conclusion that it isn’t worth to buy a clone but go for a proper company made like DSA.

    Also as you have stated I checked yesterday and the licenses aren’t still open. I have been trying for the past 6 months but have failed.


      1. Sure Afzal bhai. Let’s hope I manage to get hold of license. I think you should do a blog about license issues in Pakistan. There is literally so much confusion and no straight answers. I have called the DC office several times over the past few months but they have no clue either about anything. And if you wanna get a license the other way $, they is so much non sense when it comes to agents.


  8. Hi, Thanks for the only detailed review available for DSA Trueshot 🙂 I just bought the Trueshot, fired some twenty rounds at the DSA range and seemed to work fine. I am a gun enthusiast and checked the parts, the quality and finish seems good, also the recoil spring, guide rod, barrel and magazines seems solid and upto international standards. I hope it performs good too. The only thing bothering me is the size, it was quite hard for me to find a good carry holster for it but managed to find one finally.


  9. AoA, I realize that you’re a guy who knows about guns. I apologize for being off topic but could you possibly suggest from where i can get a good basic 9mm in Lahore of a reputable brand either local or foreign. I was looking for POF made 9mms but i guess they discontinued them!


    1. Walekum as Salam. I consider myself a student who is eager to learn 😀
      You can visit Neela Gumbad in Lahore. Orient traders, National Arms are good. Do scour the market before making a decision. Also if I may suggest wait for a month or two, imports have resumed so you can get more variety and prices are also going to come down. Cheers


  10. Dear its really nice that you introduce DSA 9mm pistol. Good review of this weapon will help weapon lovers and will motivate them to go for DSA local made pistol. No doubt DSA is working hard to provide quality weaponry for its customers and law enforcement agencies.
    I will go to buy this piece soon and will try to provide more feed back in addition to already given detail.


  11. AOA! I hope the lock-down is treating you well! So i contacted Mr, Williams, marketing department daudsons, and he pointed me towards Younis and company, Neela Gumbad. I had a chance to visit them on Saturday, and I’ve to say i am quite in awe of the finishing and the ‘solid’ feel of the gun. the price is 50k but i guess its worth it, ill probably be visiting them again next week to make the order. The thing i came across was the arms license. The owner of the shop said they could make a legit license for me, but it would be of quetta. He assured me that it would be of no issue for me to carry the firearm throughout the country on that license. The procedure would be that first i’d apply for a license through them (the firearm dealer), it would take around 15 days for it to be processed, then, on the base of license, the firearm dealer would write up an invoice of the gun -and hand over the gun to me, but the the original license and invoice would be sent back to quetta for registration/verification and would be returned after 10 more days, during the verification i’d have the possession of the gun and the photocopied documents until the originals come back.

    I was just hoping i could have your feedback on all this, does it seem legit? the license process costs around 35k,


  12. Hello, again! Just two more questions!
    1. Do i really require a license? (the guns gonna be at home, on range, or with me whenever i go to bwp). The process to get a Punjab license is a proper mess. Dads’ lawyer says most of the people he know have handguns and they don’t bother for a license

    2. Any ranges you could recommend in Lahore? where i could shoot my own handgun?


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  13. It’s very unreliable and unsafe pistol. Pls don’t buy cheap weapons of this sort. Only buy imported if u love your life. They are very pathetic pistols and I have been robbed. DSA trushot and DSA shooter very bad quality and highly unreliable.


  14. Sir which red dot sight can be mounted on trueshot? Or in other words, with what pistol does it’s rear dovetail sight coincides?


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