Here is why Makarov is a good choice for carry weapon in Pakistan

Some time back I wrote a post on the after effects of import bans in Pakistan. Well for now the prices of weapons already in the market has swelled three times at least or more in some cases. It is a simple demand versus supply problem. The previous Government imposed ban on imports to control the worsening law and order situation, (as if the criminals and terrorists were using licensed weapons 🙂 duh!). And the present Government wants to bring down the imports bill. Well then what are the gun enthusiasts or anyone wanting to get a weapon for self defence or sports, supposed to do? Buddy the options are; either go for a low priced desi (local) copy with all its UN-reliabilities included at a small cost, or get a quality imported reliable weapon.

Since imported weapons are very expensive so it makes sense , in fact a lot of sense to go for a Makarov, in handguns. Here are the reasons:

  • Cost: A (Military surplus) Makarov will cost you around 100 to 125k Rs depending on the condition, which is a decent price considering the fact that a used CF98 nowadays is in excess of Rs 100k.
  • Ammo: There is plenty of 9×18 ammo available mostly Chinese.
  • Cheap Ammo: Mak ammo is like Rs 30 a pop which is in some cases cheaper than the 22 LR Armscor ammo available in the market.
  • Potent Round: Mak ammo is 9×18 unlike 9×19 Parabellum but still quite a potent round with good stopping power, ask the Spetsnaz 🙂
  • Concealable: Mak because of its small size and weight is a very good option for CCW (Concealed carry Weapon).
  • Reliability: A Makarov is a reliable handgun, I can say this out of my experience.
  • Accurate: And yes it is an accurate weapon but you got to practice to learn it. It is dead shop up to 15 M and can get down a man at 25 M with practice.

Other then this it has good features like de-cocker, safety, single action, double action etc. The down side is it can hold 8 rounds only, but with spare mags this should not be an issue. It is a simple block back design which is reliable and easy to take down for basic cleaning. It is a free floating firing pin which will not ignite the primer if dropped, so safe from that aspect. I can say with authority there are less options in the market as of today in Pakistan if you are considering getting a pistol.

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5 thoughts on “Here is why Makarov is a good choice for carry weapon in Pakistan”

  1. Good Day SIr,
    Between a Makarov and Taurus 92 what would you prefer if the price point is the same.

    1. Good day to you as well bro. If you ask me it’s like comparing a truck and a car in size only 😀. Makarov is concealable and easy to carry. Taurus 92 is full frame. I can vouch for Makarov’s reliability. It’s my carry gun since last 8 years. Need I say more 😀

  2. Dear sir
    Which license would be needed for carrying macarov in pakistan, i have 9mm license for All pakistan , will it work for me for carrying macarov ?

  3. Good day to you sir.
    I went to darra market recently, they told me it is 38 bore thats why i asked, what is the price of imported makarov nowadays ? since i can’t afford the imported one I ordered a clone of it.

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