Girsan Yavuz 16 Regard MC – Review

The Girsan Yavuz 16 Regard MC is a Beretta 92 FS clone made my Girsan of Turkey. The pistol being reviewed belongs to a close fried. It is a stainless steel model. Frankly I have never owned a Girsan so when the opportunity arose I could stop myself to take a closer look at it and hence share with you guys. This is a full frame pistol, very good in looks and seems to be well made.


Caliber: .9 x 19 Parabellum

Length: 8.5″

Width: 1.5″

Height: 5.4″

Barrel length: 4.9″

Weight: 950 gms

Sights: Fixed, 3 dot

Safety: Ambidextrous decocker

Action: Single Action/Double Action

Magazine Capacity: 15 + 1


This handgun has an ambidextrous safety, by engaging which (in the down) position the contact between the hammer and firing pin is impeded. The Girsam Yavuz 16 Regard has tactical rails under the barrel to accomadate a torch or red dot sight. The disassembly latch is located on left side. Also observe the three finger grip support (on the grip) instead of serrations in the original Beretta 92 FS. The grips and rear sights are made of fine plastic.



This all steel model is a true looker. The open slide design helps in reducing weight and increases reliability. The build quality is excellent I found no tooling marks anywhere in the slide or frame. This thing smells of “good quality” controls.



See the land and grooves of this 9 x 19 parabellum model, barrel.



The extended beaver tail helps in better grip and also to control muzzle flip. I am not sure if the magazine release can be changed to left hand side as is the case in original Beretta 92 FS pistols. But since this is a ditto clone so the possibility exists. The red loaded chamber indicator is on the right side and it works just like the Beretta.



Here’s the inside view of the frame. It is good quality stuff with no marks or dings.




The pistol comes packed in plastic case with a cleaning brush, barrel cleaning rod and manual.

The Girsan Tavuz 16 Regard is a well made pistol, with a stainless steel finish of the slide and frame. It is a copy of the Beretta 92 FS. With ambidextrous controls for safety, ability to change mag release from right to left and vice versa and loaded chamber indicator it has some excellent features. With tactical rails at the front and finger grooves at the grip it gives a very good hold. I found the two hand grip very comfortable and balanced. This handgun used to cost around Rs 60k, but now it can cost anything between Rs 200 to 250k. How well it performs on the range? Only time will tell, as I still have to try it out. Cheers


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4 thoughts on “Girsan Yavuz 16 Regard MC – Review”

  1. I have heard that a couple of containers have been released and they are carrying handguns, what do you think the prices will come down?


    1. That is correct. But sadly it’s all vanished. These poor guys have paid heavy demurrage charges. Then their investments have been stuck for over 4 years. Now there’s little chance of price coming down. Obviously these guys want to make up for the lost time and money thanks to corrupt and incompetent government and officials.


  2. It means that prices won’t come down until there is a proper flow of imports. The government should have built a facility for producing quality guns, only if they cared.


    1. I guess not much. The government can only facilitate. It is the private owned businesses that need to focus on making quality stuff rather than making copies with no quality control what do ever.


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