How to transport your weapon by Air in Pakistan

Hello there. I got this inquiry from one of our worthy readers on how to transport a (licensed) weapon by Air. This post is for all those who are traveling by Air and want to take their weapon (licensed pistol/revolver/rifle/shotgun). First of all it has to be a licensed weapon. So you walk in to the airport and when checking in tell the security person on duty that you have a weapon….

Here is what you need to do…

1. You actually declare the weapon by telling the CAA person that you have a licensed weapon that you want to carry with you. This should be done before the luggage is placed in the X Ray machine.

2. Remember it has to be licensed.

3. It should be unloaded.

4. It should be in its plastic case or packing.

5. If you are carrying ammo with you it should be according to your authorized limit as mentioned on your license and of the same caliber.

6. The security person a CAA employee will call the relevant Airline person dealing with it. This procedure is for all airlines.

7. The airlines person will inspect the weapon.

8. He will inspect your license.

9. He will make the entry on a register taking down all important details like your name, NIC, address, phone number, weapon number and number of ammo. I have seen them actually counting the ammo, so please be careful.

10. Next he will put the weapon in your luggage.

11. At this time it is a good idea to get your luggage wrapped in plastic.

12. He will take the luggage containing your weapon and take it for placing in the airplane. This will be a sort of special transportation but at no extra cost.

13. You can now do your boarding etc.

14. On arrival at your destination someone from the same airline will give you your luggage containing the weapon.

Hope you find this post useful. Cheers.

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