How to import a Glock pistol in Pakistan

I have been receiving a lot of comments on how to import a Glock or any other weapon in to Pakistan. Well for starters let me say that all weapon imports were banned in to Pakistan by the previous Government. The ban though has been lifted, still the modalities have not been worked out. So don’t expect any good news. Still Government and Armed Forces personnel can import a weapon of their choice on NOC provided by the Ministry of Commerce. So please read this post in conjunction with the previous one…

So say for instance you are a NOC holder in Pakistan and you want to import a Glock pistol…. here’s what you need to do…please read on…

  1. Find a dealer in USA, yes USA, because besides all the mess we have done in so many years the US is still willing to export NPB weapons to Pakistan.
  2. Then you send him your NOC scanned.
  3. The dealer will apply for export license in his name.
  4. You will transfer monies to him.
  5. He will send you the weapon.
  6. You hire a clearance agent in Pakistan and get it cleared after paying duties.
  7. Shoot the gun 🙂

Now all this sounds too simple, but actually it is not. That’s because no dealer will be willing to send you a single Glock pistol! That’s because Glock is a $600 (max) handgun. You will have to pay for transportation and export license and his profit. This could very well mean around $ 1500 when it gets here in Pakistan. Then you pay for the taxes and clearance. The gun is going to cost you $1700 more or less. So you’re actually paying an extra $1100. These are rough calculations. 

The point is, it will make sense only if you place five or more orders, thus saving on the export license fee and transportation. That is exactly what dealers in Pakistan do. So they keep on collecting a piling NOCs and then place an order, this is a work-able and economic solution but increases the delivery time to around 24 months max! So you see my friend if you want to get a Glock either you pay more or you wait a long time. The choice is yours in the end 🙂 Hope you found this post useful. Do let me know your thoughts. Cheers.

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12 thoughts on “How to import a Glock pistol in Pakistan”

  1. R u sure…. its strange and lengthy process. At about if i am travelling to Turkey and get noc and bring myself not only glock any others brand which i like
    Is it possible or only p allowed?


  2. Have an import permit lying around unused since so many years. I wish to be the 5th or last person in the pile of orders 😉


  3. Sir, what if we want to import only “parts” and not the whole gun.
    if the a/m is possible i’d get a p80 frame for gen3 g19 😀


    1. That’s a very good idea. If you can get P80 frame and original internals. There are people selling even original well actually after market Glock barrels. So it would make a nice pistol.


      1. Do you know any dealers that would export parts to Pakistan? Plus do we need an NOC from Govt?


      2. For import of gun related parts you need to have a license as a manufacturer. And for dealers willing to export you need to find them 🙂


    1. I am sorry brother. I am just a gun enthusiast. A hobbyist. I do not intend making this my profession. But I can give you advise and help if you need. Cheers


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